Good Agriculture Land for Sale in Tamil Nadu

agricultre land for sale


  • Purchasing agriculture land for sale in Tamilnadu has always been a good easement choice.
  • As agricultural lands are much cheaper in TN and agriculture is tax-free in India.
  • There is a lot of agricultural land for sale in Tamil Nadu across the state in different cities.
  • While purchasing land in Tamil Nadu, you have to take care of some legal procedures.
  • As well as technical issues related to the land you are planning to sale.
  • If a farmer purchases agricultural land in TN state, not so many actions like in most other states.

How to Agriculture land for Sale in Tamil Nadu

Different Condition for Sale in Agriculture Land

  • Tamil Nadu, you need to be a farmer to sell agriculture land.
  • To sell agriculture land for sale in Tamil Nadu, all you need to do is be a citizen of India.,

Limitation of Sale in Agriculture Land for Sale in Tamil Nadu

  • There is no restriction on the sale of any agricultural land for sale in Chennai inside Tamil Nadu. Anyone can sale agricultural land around the state (The largest land area is 59.95 acres can be purchased)
  • A good and smart decision to invest in acre of land is purchasing agricultural land in Tamil Nadu because it is very cheap and tax-free.
  • In other states, if you want to want to sale agricultural land then you need to be a farmer.
  • But this is not the case in Tamil Nadu, but there is a limit on the sale of agricultural land.
  • There is a limit to the number of acres of land that can be owned and possessed by anyone.
  • Individual or family: For a family of 5 members, you can sale up to 15 standard acres, for a family of more than 5 members.
  • Each more member can have 5 standard acres of land. The total landholding limit is 30 standard acres.
  • If women in the family are given agricultural land as a gift as a seedhanam land.
  • Then such an individual or family can become the owner of more than 10 standard acres.
  • Companies undertaking business can own up to 15 standard acres of land.
  • To set up industries or commercial establishments on agricultural land for sale.
  • Public trusts are divided into religious trusts, charitable trusts, hospitals, and educational institutions.
  • In that, there are no restrictions on religious trusts acquiring agricultural land.
  • Sale, a charitable trust owns up to 5 standard acres, while hospitals and educational institutions.
  • It can own up to a certain amount of agricultural vacant land as per their rules or regulations as per the state law.
  • Earlier, no one was allowed to have the largest agricultural land as their own.
  • But now according to the amendment made in the law in 2008.
  • It is allowed to have the largest agricultural land for sale with the permission of the state government.

Cost of Agriculture Land in Tamil Nadu

The cost of agriculture land for sale across the state is 20 lakhs to 1 crore approximately and it will change on several factors. Some of the factors are:

  1. Accessibility and usage acreage of land.
  2. Physical attributes and land Location.
  3. Land Price in the nearby and surrounding area.
  4. Property price and Market Value.
  • Other factors are proximity to other attractions or desired areas, scarcity.
  • Present and future land use, access to economic activities, area amenities, type, and proximity of neighboring houses.
  • To the property, neighborhood round parcel type and size, future development potential, and zone.
  • Being an important natural resource, the land becomes an object of competition in the agricultural land for sale in the real estate market.

Classification of Agri Land in Tamil Nadu

  • In Tamil Nadu, there are wetland (‘Nanjai’) or dryland (‘Punjai’), which will be mentioned in the ‘Patta’.
  • If your decision is to use the landowner for commercial use after some days, then we always suggest you sale Pasture Dry Land.
  • Because there is no need for severe approval to convert the land but the process to convert wetland is very complicated.
  • There is no option or way to convert Nanjai agriculture land for sale in Tamilnadu into residential land or use it for other ranches,commercial/industrial purposes, it is used only in tracts for agricultural purposes.

Significant Aspects to Sale Land in TN

Verify the owner, before finalizing the deal, to avoid cheating by owners. Documents to be confirmed for the ownership of land, which will enable the legal expert to decide if the property is the right one to sale.

  1. Patta
  2. Title deed
  3. “A” register
  4. EC (Encumbrance Certificate )

Land Classification Check

  • Some of the categories are under prohibited purchases, you must know the laws associated with the land.
  • You must ensure that the land you wish to sale does not fall in the category of prohibited purchases.
  • And also, you must check the land is not forest land, government property, or assigned to the landless poor by the state government. Sales deed There is as much agriculture land for sale in Tamil Nadu, the sale in verifying all the documents related to the land management.
  • Documents must have detailed sales deed with full details of the land, its boundary, name, and address of the owner.
  • The sale agreement must be signed by both parties and seen by them. Stamp duty and registration of the agriculture land for sale
  • Stamp duties vary from state to state. As per the court of law, this is the evidence of sale in the property for future references in cases, so it must be paid by the seller.
  • And also ensure that land is registered with the owner’s name with the sale date of the agriculture land for sale. Sales deed and previous deed, tax receipt, and two witnesses should be present at the time of registration of land.


  • Form 6A application must be sent to the tehsildar of the city for mutation of the land records within 90 days of registration of the land. You can Seek the title deed and patted passbook. Land Survey
  • To the agriculture land for sale in Tamil Nadu, with the help of authorized surveyors of the government survey the land to measure the plot size and its boundaries as mentioned. Adangal Entry Adangal is the land record that contains the history of all actions carried out on the land handles.
  • The VAO handles keeping a record of all crops/activities that are carried out on the land, so you should also get the details recorded of land in Adangal. Get copies of land records and tax receipts land which are recorded in the Adangal and A register as the legal documents for buying a plot.
  • Land sale in from NRI: You can also sale the land from the NRI owner, but there must be a third party to allow the selling of the land utilities.
  • If you are planning to sell agriculture land for sale in Tamil Nadu from NRI owners.
  • Look at his power of attorney whether it is signed by the Indian embassy in his province. But, if you are an NRI or PIO you are not allowed to sale Agriculture land for sale in Tamil Nadu.
  • Report of Legal scrutiny: Before sale in the land, you must get a legal opinion report from an advocate who specializes in the real estate sector. If you are going to take out a loan to sale the property, a lawyer attached to the lending bank will inspect the property. You must ensure that the property is free of legal obligations, it is advisable to seek legal opinion as an individual private property.

Receipts of Tax paid

Revenue tax is paid to the Revenue Department and house tax/property tax is paid to Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC).


  • Legal document from Tehsildar’s office in the name of the original owner of the land. Claiming land ownership is an important record related to the land document.
  • To proceed with any transaction related to the land in question, a Patta document must be required to process.

Details in the Patta

  • Patta contains the name of the District and Taluk, Village where the land is registered, Patta Number, Owner Name, Survey number and subdivision details, Wetland or dry land, Area of the land, and tax details.
  • Once the property is registered, the Patta will be transferred to the new owner within the stipulated time.

Can NRI buy agricultural land in Tamil Nadu?

  • In Tamil Nadu, NRIs cannot buy agricultural or any kind of farmland or orchard in their name.
  • In Tamil Nadu, there is no restriction for Indian residents to agriculture land for sale.
  • If any private company buys large acres of agricultural land in Tamil Nadu before proceeding with the buy, it must get permission from the State Government deeds.
  • And that type of such land acquired by a company must not be transferred by sale, mortgage, gift, or lease without the prior permission of the State Government.
  • The buy of agriculture land for sale in Tamil Nadu is subject to certain rules, “special permission from the Tamil Nadu government is required to buy wetlands or drylands”, where we can farm different crops.

Land buy Scheme

  • Scheduled Castes land buy schemes to enhance their socio-economic status in the state.
  • Subsidy: 30% of the project cost of Rs. 2.25 lakhs can be released as a subsidy to each family for buying land. The cost of land will be fixed by the state government guidelines.


  • Women Scheduled cast applicants
  • Age of 18 to 65
  • Annual family income must not exceed about Rs. 1.00 lakhs.
  • Applicant should not have any other agricultural land.
  • The applicant’s occupation should be agriculture.
  • Applicants and their family members may not have received any subsidy so far.


  • Applicants must choose the land.
  • They must buy lands from the landowners who do not belong to the Scheduled Caste.
  • Purchased land will be registered in the name of the applicant only.
  • Purchased land will not be sold within twenty years.
  • Land development activities can be carried out by the applicant alone.
  • Land development activities for borewell drilling, open wells, etc… will be carried based on scheme guidelines.
  • For digging an adjoining open well/borewell a feasibility certificate will be obtained from a geologist.
  • Applicants and family members should not sell or transfer the land they bought to others in the last 5 years.
  • Investing your savings in any form of real estate involves careful and step-by-step procedures.
  • Even a slight fault can lead to many legal hassles, will impact you in later stages of investment.
  • The same is the case when you buy agriculture land for sale in India.

Significant Tips for Finding Agriculture Land for Sale in Tamil Nadu

  • Finding and purchasing the perfect agricultural land for sale in Tamil Nadu is a difficult process Tamil Nadu.
  • Because you need to spend some time looking at and researching several properties before you find one which meets your goals.
  1. Know about the Land’s Previous Use
  2. Soil’s Acidity and Nutrients Test
  3. Observe the Farmland’s Soil Drainage
  4. Analyze the Agricultural Land’s Topology
  5. Research Access to Resources
  6. Check whether Existing Infrastructure Meets Your Needs
  7. Determine How You Can Reach the Farmland That’s for Sale
  8. Check The Distance to Distributors, Retailers, And Markets
  9. Check The Area’s Cell Phone Reception
  10. Examine Whether Someone Owns Mineral or Gas Rights

“Agriculture is the backbone of India’s economy”, in other words, the majority of the population was dependent on agriculture for their income.

  • so the government took steps to improve agriculture by introducing modern technology and other necessary measures for the development.
  • Many policies were introduced through the five-year plan to further industrialization.
  • Various laws were formulated by various state governments about the buy of agricultural lands.
  • While purchasing Agriculture land you must be clear about how much returns they expect.
  • Whether you decided to do farming by themselves or you planned to lease the land to someone.
  • Whether you want a farm or also a farmhouse according to the need a detailed study in immovable property.
  • All must keep in mind that farming is not such an easy activity, as publicized by some developers in real estate.
  • Most rules and legal procedures of the buy of agriculture land for sale change from state to state.
  • Thus, extreme care needs to be taken while investing and purchasing agricultural lands.
  • Investors must have a clear plan for how they will manage the land once they own it.
  • “Purchasing agriculture land for sale in Tamil Nadu can be a good investment for individuals who have high net worth and for those with excess income.
  • Returns on investment on purchased agricultural land are higher in emerging and developing areas property for sale.
  • Where there is a possibility of upcoming infrastructure projects which is planned by the government.
  • So, ensure that the land title is clear, side by side visit the land, and enquire with the local revenue.
  • Registration and local body authorities to find out all details about the land and the past of the seller.
  • Hence, for salaried individuals or self-employed professionals living in cities, going through all this process will be definitely time-consuming and tiresome.
  • So, before buying farmland, investors must choose a good realtor and also must keep all these aspects in mind.

Advantages of Investing in Agricultural Land for Sale in Tamil Nadu

  • When you buy agricultural land, it will guarantee returns for the long term.
  • If that land is in the location where the state government has planned some advanced and good infrastructure projects soon.
  • Acquisition by the government is higher for rural land than that for urban land in the state.
  • Under the government land pooling policy, areas in the city are expanding.
  • If you become an owner under the land pooling policy laid by the government bodies, you will get a guaranteed regular good return from the pool.

Disadvantages of Buying Agriculture Land

  • Not everyone can buy the agricultural land.
  • Conversion of the agricultural land is not easy.
  • Under Land Ceiling Act some of the states restrict the ownership of land.
  • Must be aware of the knowledge of local land laws and terminology


  • Need to research a lot before finding farmland that matches your unique needs.
  • Before you invest in land, find a qualified real estate agent to assist your buyers who can help you pinpoint the best options.
  • Transactions related to Real estate always must specific analysis, knowledge, and experience.
  • Especially when it comes to finding and buying the right agricultural land for sale in TN.
  • A small discussion and analysis always save you from a terrible decision that costs you time and money.
  • Buying agriculture land for sale in Tamil Nadu could be a tedious task if you don’t understand the legal guidelines.
  • One needs to be careful about the documents and confirm the title deed, required clearance certificates, and the land agreement, especially when more than one owner is involved in the buy of the land.
  • It will ensure you that the land you buy is a valuable deal and help us to keep the fraudsters at bay.
  • We hope the information’s given here to buy agricultural land will help you make a decision and mitigate the risks before purchasing.


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