Best 10 Detailed Report On Title Deed

Best 10 Detailed Report On Title Deed - Namma Family Builder

Title Deed

Different aspects help to determine ownership of movable or immovable property. A Title Deed is a very important agreement when a seller is transferring the ownership of a property to a potential buyer for the rightful ownership of a property. It is a legally binding document and it carries a lot of weight. The following information will be available in the deed

  •     The name of the owner
  •     Records of real estate taxes that show the title to the property.
  •     The description of the property ( anyone on behalf of the owner can read it)
  •     The rights of the owner.
  •     Obligations of the owner.
  •     Mortgage obligations of the owner.

A sale deed becomes a title deed at the time it gets registered. It is proof that a particular person now holds ownership over a particular property.  The deed is a document and Title is a concept. After the completion of the registration process, the buyer would receive a sale deed in documentary form. This documentary form would confer upon the buyer the title of the said property

Benefits of a Title Deed

Title Deed can be used
  • To avail of loans.
  • To contest a dispute.
  • To conduct succession planning.
  • To carry over any sale or purchase of a property over title deeds.
  • To create gift instruments.
  • It helps the property owner to carry out future transactions without any hassle.
  • These are essential components to have when you are seeking to sell your home. Because it will serve as proof of the transaction.
  • According to the Registration Act of 1908, a document must be registered with the Sub-Registrar Offices in India in order to be regarded as legally binding. Proper verification of all the Title papers, including sale deeds, encumbrance certificates, property tax receipts, etc., will aid in determining whether there are court rulings that restrict the owner’s ability to sell the property.
  •  Hence, before buying a property, it must be checked and  Any changes to a title deed must be done at the local land registrar’s office. It will require a stamp of authority and supporting documents.
  •  Understanding all the legal requirements for buying and selling property can be tough for a layman. But the legal experts might have enabled thousands of house owners and they might have vast experience in explaining every step of the process to the property buyers. 
  •  It gives all the details about the property ownership records. It gives the information about how much land a person owns or the rights of a person over land.
  •  It is used to transfer the land ownership rights of one person to another person. Deeds are legally acquired documents. They pass ownership of property from one person to another.

Title deed registration charges

  • The title registration charges for residential and for commercial properties will defer.  Always title registration charges for commercial properties are on the higher side.
  • In addition to the cost of the property, the people have to pay title registration charges at the time of buying a real estate property.
  • The memorandum of deposit of title deeds charges in India is usually between 0.1% to 0.2 % of the loan home amount.

Types Of Titles Deed

Warranty Deeds

Warranty Deed - Namma Family Builder

Warranty Deeds are highly valued documents for companies to protect themselves from liability. The company’s legal team must draft, review, and sign properly.

 Benefits of Warranty Deeds

  •     For transferring the ownership of a product to a buyer.
  •     For providing certain warranties to the buyer, such as a warranty against material defects or a service warranty.
  •     For protecting the rights of one party during strict contractual agreements

  In a warranty deed, the transfer of real property owned by the grantor to the grantee takes place. A warranty deed gives the grantee an interest in the property’s title deeds in exchange for the grantor’s promise.


  • A quitclaim deed is also one of the most important legal documents. You can claim property ownership as well as you can relinquish your rights as a tenant in this quitclaim deed.
  •  This quitclaim deed document contains the landlord’s name,  description of the property, the landlord’s address, and other pertinent, regularly updated information.
  •  The quitclaim deed has recently been used in divorces and other property disputes. Quitclaim deeds can be used by people to document their separation from their previous lives.
  •  Both analog and digital formats of Quitclaim deeds are available. There is a possibility to create it as a PDF or scanned into a Word document and then print it.


Deed Of Gift - Namma Family Builder
  • A gift deed is used to transfer the ownership of a piece of property to someone else out of love and compassion. The owner of the property is the Donor who gifts the property to the Donee, the receiver of the property.
  • The transfer of property does not require payment from the donee to the donor. For the purpose of being legitimate, the gift deed of a property must be registered with the Sub-Registrar Office. 
  • The specialty of this title deed is that it gives the Donee permission to occupy, use, and sell the property. People can give gift deeds to their dear ones during memorable occasions such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and other similar occasions.
  • That gifted piece of land would then automatically become a part of the recipient’s property.


  • A pledge is also an act of transferring ownership of a property to another person and different types of title deeds are used depending on the nature of language. The most common type of pledge is a trust deed.
  • The mortgage allows borrowing money. A pledge does not allow borrowing. A pledge is a loan by deposit of deeds. The pledge has been around since the 1970s.
  • Once upon a time, it was used for vehicles and other goods only. But now the pledge is used for any kind of loan. It is essential for submitting a mortgage application or refinancing an existing mortgage.

Lease / Rental Deed

Lease Agreement - Namma Family Builder
  •  A lease deed is required to lease or rent a home, building, or other property. The property owner and the tenant must sign a legal contract before the tenant can temporarily occupy the property for a given period of time.
  •  The deed contains information on the terms of the lease, the rent, or the lease payment amount. The lease deed must be registered with the Sub-Registrar Office if the term of the rental agreement exceeds 12 months.
  •  If the agreement duration is less than a year then the registration is not a must.

Mortgage Deed

  •  A mortgage Deed is a legal document for the transfer of a property’s ownership interest in order to secure a loan from a bank ( or financial organization ).
  •  In the event of default on the loan repayment, it gives the lender legal control over the property.   Registration of a Mortgage Deed is essential for lawful under the law.

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