Best 10 Residential Society Amenities In 2023

Best 10 Residential Society Amenities In 2023 - Namma Family Builder

Anything Beyond The Essentials Of A Functional Apartment Is Called Apartment Amenities

  • The social infrastructure of a residential project and the well-being of its residents is important. The Residential Society Amenities should offer true value to the residents.
  • There’s no denying that the amenities make life easier and more enjoyable. Many apartment amenities are worth the extra cost. It can be a major challenge to find out the one that meets all your needs from rent cost to amenities.
  • Consider the lifestyle to make a list of Amenities. When choosing amenities consider adding the best ones that suit all your residents’ needs.
  • The resident’s amenity preferences are based on
  1.     Demographics
  2.     Residents’ income levels
  • That’s especially true if the property draws from a range of age groups. It is better to seek out within the cost of the limited options. Finding an apartment with all the essential amenities is great. Amenities should offer true value to the residents.
  • Residential society amenities are considered for the selection of a perfect residential project that suits the lifestyle.

Classification and Categorization of Amenities

    Based on the nature of application and usage, apartment amenities are listed as:

Outdoor Apartment Amenities

    Amenities available for public or community use

  •     Swimming pools
  •     Secured car parking garages
  •     Dog parks
  •     Rooftop decks
  •     Gardens, patios, playgrounds, barbecues, etc.

Indoor Apartment Amenities

  Residential society amenities placed inside the apartment

  •     Library
  •     Table tennis court
  •     Gyms
  •     Movie theatres
  •     Media rooms, Online rent payment, and maintenance requests.

Residential Society Amenities Categories

    The 4 categories based on the type of service or benefit the Amenities offer are as below

Best 10 Residential Society Amenities In 2023 - Namma Family Builder

   An apartment will provide In-unit amenities on a chargeable basis. In-unit amenities are within an apartment. They are for a more comfortable and appealing living environment. Examples of in-unit amenities include

  •     Smart thermostats
  •     Air conditioning or central air
  •     Dishwashers
  •     Fireplaces
  •     In-unit laundry
  •     Patios and balconies

Perfect Safety and Excellent Security Amenities

  • Maintaining perfect safety and security system.
  • Using the cameras, sensors, and smart locks. 

Convenience Residential Society Amenities

  • Smart access control systems.
  • Empower residents to unlock doors with their smartphones instead of carrying keys.
  • Secured parking garages, Online rent payments.
  • And maintenance requests are some of the convenient residential Society Amenities.

Luxury Amenities

  • Food-delivery options
  • In-unit laundry
  • Grocery store, electronic payment, Package rooms and package lockers, and smart locks systems.

Wellness Amenities (i.e., Fitness-Based Amenities )

  • Yoga centers
  • Swimming pools
  • Spas
  • Meditation spaces, shaded walkways, and cycling and jogging tracks boost health and wellness.

Best Essential Apartment Amenities

Best Essential Apartment Amenities - Namma Family Builder

Power Back-up Amenities

  • Power Back-up Amenities are necessary to get an uninterrupted power supply. Chennai City is very prone to frequent power cuts. 
  • The best power backup system with an Inverter facility is good.
  • This type of power backup helps us to continue one’s normal routine life without breaks.

Car Charging, Car washing, Parking, and Transportation Amenities

  • The installation of EV chargers as a high-end apartment amenity.
  • Electric vehicle owners will take advantage of the charging stations.
  • Value-added provisions for Car washing.
  • Reserved Car parking is most important to residents. And also Reserved parking spaces for guests.
  • Multilevel vehicle parking.

Community Hall Amenities

  • A community hall or a Multipurpose hall is a must for social and business gatherings. 
  • All the property’s residents can use the community hall.
  • They can use it for conducting their family functions.

Intermittent Water Supply Amenities

  • The severe water scarcity in the Summer will not affect these apartments. They always have a 24×7 water supply system with enough water in the storage system. 
  • They have an Auro water connection for drinking water purposes.

Sports and Recreational Amenities

   They help people to escape from dullness and discover the finer side of life in a few hours of pure joy. 

  • Table tennis
  • Amphitheater
  • A hobby room
  • A library or reading room for an avid book reader In a perfect residential project plan.
  • This  brings excellent benefits
  • An outlet for refreshment, community building, competition, and all in one place.

Amenities For Kids & Senior Citizens

Amenities For Kids & Senior Citizens - Namma Family Builder
  • The common list of Residential society amenities for kids and senior citizens is listed below:
  1. Kid’s play area
  2. Swimming pools
  3. Indoor games
  4. Clubhouse
  5. Landscaped gardens
  6. Wide-open spaces
  7. Parks and more
  • The kids can get benefitted from toddler play areas, sand pit areas, kids’ swimming pools, etc. in the Apartment. Also, the vicinity beyond the Apartment will have adequate day-care centers.
  • Schools, colleges, and hospitals. For Senior Citizens, the apartments allocated exclusive areas for the elderly to socialize also, the apartments offer structural aids for senior citizens like ramps benches, or safety features

Eco-Friendly Amenities

  • Green space is the perfect high-end amenity for residents to breathe in fresh air. It is good relief after spending the day indoors at work and getting peace after a busy day.
  • The Residential society amenities will be grateful for their eco-friendly nature. Connect to nature.
  1.  Watching green trees
  2.  And Gardening can be beneficial for residents
  3. And Provide an unhindered strolling area within the complex
  • Recycling bins are placed on every floor. Ensure each property has a recycling center. Energy and Water efficiency improvements are good.
  • They can make the residents have a positive impact on the environment. Putting solar panels on the roof, which can work with existing water heating systems.

Excellent Fitness Amenities

  The residents can use a treadmill and an elliptical in their resident fitness center.

  • Hosting fitness classes
  • Building a yoga studio for healthy living and to meet the resident’s demands.
  • To get active right in their swims some laps
  • Teach their kids how to play basketball
  • Take a morning yoga class.

   The athletes can prefer a lap pool to maintain their shape. For athletes lap pool is a good option than the treadmill. 

Co-Working Space As An Amenity

    Co-working space will cater to the need of remote resident home workers. The co-working space set up is as below in the apartment

  •     Providing single-person desks for independent work.
  •     A few larger tables for collaboration and discussion.
  •     Providing a few sofas and armchairs.
  •     Providing free WiFi Offer.
  •     Maintaining a few office essentials, like a printer or paper and pens.
  •     Have a desk reservation system to prevent overcrowding.
  •     A small coffee station for recreation.

    This gives 100% satisfaction to the Work at Home category Residents. It is useful and valuable to the Work at Home category Residents.

In-Unit Amenities

   An apartment will provide In-unit amenities on a chargeable basis. In-unit amenities are within an apartment. They are for a more comfortable and appealing living environment. Examples of in-unit amenities include

  •     Smart thermostats
  •     Air conditioning or central air
  •     Dishwashers
  •     Fireplaces
  •     In-unit laundry
  •     Patios and balconies


  • The purpose of any amenity is to make the resident happy by providing something useful. The high-end apartment amenities provide plenty of convenience for the residents.
  • Amenities make apartment buildings more valuable and attractive to residents. Residential society amenities consider every age group.
  • Having Open spaces and amenities takes care of the different demographics’ needs.  Having something special for every age group’s happiness gives an added advantage.

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