Top 10 Best Builders in Chennai 2024


The rising demands for varied infrastructure boost real estate investments in India. For everyone, the real estate investment is a lifetime investment.

The best builder is always very familiar with the ins and outs of the real estate field.

The best builder will ease the selection process. He accesses the property details, its features, facilities, and location briefing.

Builder is the best way to build your dream home according to your own taste and style. and developer, remember these companies are the best.

The Essential parameters for the best builders In Chennai

The best Builders in Chennai maintains constant updates about the current market. He updates about the latest materials used in the building. He notes down the design of the building with the technology and innovations. It makes the people judge the builder’s capability. It proves the builder will create a sustainable home with low maintenance. 

Builders expertise

The proper analysis of the portfolio of the projects handled by the builder is essential. It is the best reference for the builder’s performance to date. It will give a clear picture of the type of projects the builders handled in their work career ( job career ). It will help to foresee the builder’s capability for the execution of a project.  

Worthy builder - Value for the money

The best builder is always very conscious about his reputation in the market. He gives more importance to the quality of construction. He will provide a long-lasting building with quality materials. He will never compromise on quality at any cost. The site visit to some of the builder’s finished projects and the inspections are essential. This will enable us to conclude about the quality of his work.

The best builder is always capable of completing projects within the budgetary limits. The flexible and friendly nature of the builder is essential for a negotiation. This will bring down the expenses. A registered builder with good insurance coverage capability is the best choice.

References of positive word of mouth and integrity

The satisfied people’s feedback reflects the quality of the builder’s workmanship. These positive words will reflect the builder’s excellency and integrity. ”

Looking for the best builders in Chennai? Here is the list of best builders in Chennai to build your dream home. 

 If you need a quality builder

Best Builders in Chennai:

Here Is the List Of Top 10 Best Builders In Chennai

  1. Olympia Group
  2. Akshaya Pvt Ltd
  3. Namma Family Builder and Developer
  4. Casagrand Builders Pvt ltd
  5. Prestige Group
  6. Arun Excello Group of Companies
  7. TATA Realty
  8. Brigade Enterprises Ltd
  9. Godrej Properties
  10. Pacifica

List of Best Builders in Chennai:

1. Olympia Group: Best builders In Chennai

Olympia Group is one of best builders in Chennai. It is also one of the South India’s leading developers. It was founded in 2004 by the Khivraj Group.

The group constructed about 2000 homes. And completed over 5 million square feet. The group has a diverse development portfolio spanning Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Developments. It has done a good number of elite shopping malls, business centers, and clubhouses. 

The Olympia group is well known for its construction capabilities. The Olympia group excels in both national and international styles.

Olympia’s Technology Park the ” Largest LEED Gold-rated Green Building in the World” award. It is a well-recognized developer in the real estate market.

2. Akshaya Pvt Ltd: Best builders In Chennai

Akshaya Group founded Akshaya’s properties in 1995. It is one of the most respected and awarded real estate companies in India. The journey over the last 2 decades went about creating 155 landmarks in Tamil Nadu. Akshaya is a  CRISIL DA 3+ organization. Akshaya’s projects are CRISIL Star-rated projects.

Akshaya maintains transparency, clear titles, and ethical business practices. This system set the company apart from others. Akshaya is the only developer to offer 10 years of maintenance for its projects.

The “Akshaya Home Facts” is a consumer awareness initiative book. It contains information on all the possible rights of a customer. It helps the customers to see the nuances of real estate property selection. The customers can make a considered decision.

 Akshaya maintains excellent principles, uncompromising passion, and performance. Akshaya has won a slew of awards, recognitions, and third-party endorsements. Akshaya received “The Best Legal Systems Award” from CNBC/CRISIL.

Akshaya received  India’s Most Transparent Developer Award from NDTV  in 2013.

Akshaya achieves CRISIL Star ratings for all its ongoing projects. It is the only real estate developer to be proud of this achievement.

Akshaya got management systems certification with SA 8000:2008 for social accountability.

Akshaya build only green buildings for a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

 Akshaya is now doing commercial projects in Coimbatore, Trichy, and Madurai. Akshaya continues its foray into other cities in South India

They are well known for their eye-catching constructions

and constant innovative approach. Their transparency in approach is great in the market. Akshaya pvt ltd., is one of the best builders in Chennai.

3. Namma Family Builder and Developer: Best builders In Chennai

Namma Family Builders & Private Ltd.,  the brand is synonymous with excellence. The NFBD Group strives to create value for the real estate culture.

The NFBD has made an indelible mark on the real estate landscape and it is one of the best builders in Chennai. The NFBD has a portfolio of

  •   Remarkable range of  residential layout properties
  •   Resale  Properties
  •   Villas
  •   Retail spaces, and more.

The NFBD always has a steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality affordable plots. The NFBD caters well to the mid-income clientele.

The NFBD offers high-quality properties at affordable prices. Their projects are more desirable for investment. And also for a comfortable living experience with all the luxuries of life.

The company is a pioneer and exhibits its excellence in selling layout properties. The company made a  landmark in the real estate field of Chennai.

The NFBD cultures in a more structured and organized way. The NFBD making sincere efforts to transform into an organized corporate company.

The NFBD surpasses the regular mandatory benchmarks. & the company redefines the nature of the real estate business. The company adopts proper suitable ethical progress at every step of development.

The NFBD aims at quality and innovation. The Namma Family Builders & Private Ltd. is well known for its transparent business operations. Always the clients will trust their honesty and their integrity.

The NFBD adopts an excellent client-centric philosophy. The NFBD uses quality construction materials. The NFBD uses meticulous engineering for the execution of its projects.

The NFBD maintains an unwavering commitment to quality. The NFBD has gained the trust of homebuyers. Over the years, the company has been delivering more than ……….. in the city. The company has more & more projects in the pipeline for a massive scale over the next 5 years.

The Chairman Mr.Ponnusamy Karthik is central spine. He is the main man well known for his incredible sense of integrity. His ability to foresee the opportunities is