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  • The Employee, on joining the Company, undertook to stay in the employment of the Company for a minimum period of three months (3 months bond in employment).
  • If the Employee wants to relieve the company, he /she must inform the organization prior 3 months and he/she must undergo Three months notice period with the Company. In this case, in consideration of which, the Company will not charge from the employee.
  • The Employee, as part of the consideration for the training efforts and costs involved, agreed to sign a bond for not leaving the services of the Company for a minimum period of three months from the date of his/her joining the services of the Company.


  • The Employee undergo the training methodologies, as may be required, and understand the job responsibilities, so that the same are carried out in an effective manner.
  • In case the Employee, for any reason, leaves the services of the Company before the said period of three months, then he/she shall forthwith to pay a half the salary amount being the indemnification of the cost of training to the Company.
  • In case the Performance of Employee is not satisfactory for the Company, the Company has all rights to Terminate the Employee within the bond period or after that also.
  • That the said employee shall be just and faithful to the Company in all matters and shall not at any time except under legal process, divulge to any person whosoever and shall use his best endeavours to prevent the publication or disclosure of any trade secret or any business process or any confidential matter or information concerning management decision of the Company or of its dealings, transactions, or affairs which may come to his knowledge.
Career Page

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