Continuing to care for our client’s interests and aspiring to perfection in the production process. We place emphasis on innovations and aspire to create world level company that effectively answers varying inquiries of the market and benefits people.

As a result of the structurization whole business, we use optimization of business processes and develop our web site, as our own information system. It becomes a qualitative and convenient web portal about real estate that we are offering. Services like real estate, construction, interior design, we’re the leader.

In process of active development, our values, fidelity to business, and innovative approach have made our companies strong and successful. It became possible thanks to our employee’s high qualification and creative beginning.

According to our client’s requirements, we are updating in our business development consequently. We understand in the market changes conditions we should vary too.

Ponnusamy Karthik

For this reason, a crisis for us is a time for development and a time for new prospects. In the field of real estate (residential, commercial, and industrial), we benefit from the investments of the individuals, business clients with rich international experience, developing building and managing modern and advanced residential, commercial and industrial properties in and around Chennai where real estate is booming on a daily basis.Having experienced more than 8 years in the real estate industry, I truly understand the necessary professionalism, commitment, integrity and knowledge required when dealing with any property transaction.My previous and present property-related experience has allowed me to educate my team to give the best service in the industry. At NFBD Pvt.Ltd., we have the empathy and expertise to ensure you are in very capable hands no matter how big or small your property requirements.The hard work and commitment from everyone involved at NFBD Pvt.Ltd., has firmly established the company as one of the leading real estate companies in Chennai.