Best 10 Compound Wall Design In Chennai 2023

Best 10 Compound Wall Designs In Chennai 2023 - Namma Family Builder

Compound wall design is one of the most important for a house. It helps us to be safe and protect our place from neighboring houses. It gives a beautiful decoration to our house.

1. Types of Compound Wall Design

1.1 Masonry

  • It is a boundary wall in front of the house, which helps to protect the private space from sound and dust pollution. Having this wall can prevent anyone from entering your place without trespassing. 
  • These compound wall designs are built with red clay bricks and gray bricks, laterite stones, and cement. The construction of this wall is the floor. Ensures depth from level. It is a reliable and highly constructed wall.

1.2 Ornamental

  • Everything in the present tense Due to the interest, the current boundary wall designs and patterns have received a new structure.
  • The decorative composition is a combination of walls and mild steel or stainless steel grills. Grills are installed as a part of decoration and for security purposes.
  • This grill design can be customized with twisted patterns, animal prints, and metal designs.

1.3 Cladding

  • The boundary compound wall designs are the first thing visitors and passers-by see when passing by a newly built and renovated home. Composite walls are made using glass tiles, cut panels, and marble.
  • This is done on very traditional masonry walls and then overlaid, giving them a beautiful appeal. These types of boundary walls are usually used by high-end partners in their homes. It is very fashionable.

1.4 Precast