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Plots and Apartments are the most trustable assets of middle class people over a decade. But there is a huge difference between these asset classes which common people are not aware of.

Over the last decade, metropolitan citizens prefer Apartments than Plots. Both these residential occupancies have merits and demerits. This article will be a checklist factor any new real estate investor, to pick the right one.

We have just drafted the differences by 360 degree analyze on multiple factors which followed for ages. Here are the following parameters an individual should go through before purchasing Plot or Apartment.

Cost Factor

Apartments are comparatively higher than that of plots. In Metros, the space crunch and high rates make the buyer prefer apartments as the best choice.

The down payment is comparatively low & easier to get a loan. Most of the builders have tie-ups with various banks to make hassle-free bank loan processes.

Plots are always cheaper than those apartments. Here the stage of life & strategic decision makes the buyer feel the high value if any (extra additional money) for a lifetime investment.

Strict routinization of documents in sanctioning a bank loan is not only time-consuming but also with the heavy down payment. Even though here the individuals have to undergo the tedious process, they don’t mind it, ultimately, they want perfection.


People relieve themselves from the tedious processes like getting clearance from various Authorities, paying stamp duty to Government, getting other connections like electricity, water, etc in case of Apartments. Here the builder will take care of all these formalities. In the end, one will get legally perfect documents without litigation.

One must involve himself carefully to get properly done the formalities for 100% satisfaction in case of Plots. Ultimately, they have the clarity & the satisfaction that they checked everything by themselves for their money.

Additional Added values

Power back-up, fire safety mechanism, proper water supply system with perfect Housekeeping, maintenance department, and 24 hrs security system with ample vehicle parking space are the added values in case of Apartments without extra / additional money at the time of purchase.

After occupation only they have to share the monthly charges only on every month. Recently they are adding a small clinic with part-time doctors, nurses, and a small pharmacy to tackle the immediate emergency cases.

These added values will cost an extra cost of 2 – 3 % of the total property value in Plots. This extra money is nothing for the plot people, here they think about the quality, life term value of each product they select.

They take care for the proper maintenance of everything. It will be routine work for owners & the entire responsibility will be on owners. They don’t mind paying extra money & extra attention for their own welfare.

Privacy & Freedom

Chances of 100% privacy are impossible & the level of freedom is low in the case of Apartments.

There is always restriction on noise level, water consumption, having pet animals. Each one has to follow the general rules of those particular Apartments.

100% privacy is possible in Plots. People are relieved of the disturbances from the neighbours and unnecessary noisy situations.

They have the freedom to grew pet animals of their own choice. The water level, noise level, everything according to their own comfort ability. They decide their freedom level and can enjoy their total freedom without affecting the neighbours.


People of different caste, creed culture, and religion mingle easily with each other by celebrating the festivals together in Apartments. This improves Unity in Diversity and encourages communal Harmony, social living without discrimination.

Amenities like a separate play area, Library, Auditorium, Canteen, gym, Clubhouses, indoor games, and Swimming pool enhance the cosmopolitan culture among the Apartment people.

But they don’t have the freedom to select a choice of their own. They become used to use whatever facilities available inside the campus only.

People are not very particular about this kind of exposure in their area in Plots. Whenever they feel so, they will come out of their compound / their area & approach & mingle with others to get this kind of exposure.

They have their own choice, they used to go to selective clubs, Gyms, playgrounds, swimming pools, and libraries of their own choice. Always enjoy the freedom of changing the respective places each time at their will.


Starting from kids, youngsters, teenagers, working people, and aged people are engaged as friends in Apartments. A similar mindset, activity, wavelength of thinking and interaction among them will be healthy and makes a good ambiance. But the limitation is that they used to move within their known circle of people in their area only.

People have their own set of selective numbers of people of their mindset & wavelength in Plots. Whenever they feel the need, they make calls or get out of their respective places to meet at a common place like parks, shops, theatre, mall, and beach of their choice.

They normally have the habit of arranging normal parties, get together parties and family functions frequently to have a chance of meeting of all age group of peoples and all kinds of peoples with their family members. Here the advantage of getting mixed with different kinds of people from different areas every time.

Peace of Mind

People always feel highly secured and safe with all kinds of added values and amenities in Apartments. They are totally relieved of day-to-day small household tensions. Naturally, the level of peace of mind is good.

People are totally relieved of the disturbances from their neighbours and unnecessary noisy situations in Plots. The level of peace of mind is high. They voluntarily prefer this kind of peace of mind with privacy. They always had proper plans & arrangements for every kind of situation well in advance.

Living and making additional income in their own place

This is completely not possible in Apartments. They have only one option whether they can occupy and live in their own place or they can rent it out.

One can build multiple floors and self-occupy one floor and rent out the remaining portions in Plots. This will be an additional good source of income.

Design and contemporary looks

People have the choice of design and contemporary looks at the time of selection of apartments only. They can make modifications inside the house at their will. But, outside it is difficult. If it is possible then it will be also to some extent only with proper permission.

They have to accept the provided garden facilities without their choice of their own and choice of the type of plants.

People have the flexibility to make changes accordingly then and there whenever they feel the need and also, they can go for expansions if required in future in Plots.

Gardening is according to their own plan and type of plants and trees of their choice. This type of freedom is totally not possible in the case of apartments.

Resale value

Resale value is not at all an appreciable one in Apartments. The depreciation value of the buildings plays a major role.

The no of the years/the age of the apartments will be taken into account. The apartments of above 25years old will not get much appreciation in value.

The Resale ability will be easy. Firstly, they have the chance of getting the buyers within their same apartments and they may approach them immediately.

The resale value will be high and highly appreciable in value in Plots. There are options here, the future generation can spend a little more money to modify, alter and enhance the contemporary looks to fetch more price/rent for their plots& can retain their plots.

They can sell it to individuals with an appreciable profit margin. And also, they have the possibility to sell it to a Builders in Chennai & promoters with a huge profit margin.


  • Emotional factors with immediate short-term benefits play a major role in the case of Apartments.
  • Ready to move in, Emotional attachment with a particular area, type of culture we prefer for ourselves and our kids.
  • The availability of the facilities and added values and social status are some of them.
  • Rational factors with long-term benefits play a major role in the case of Plots.
  • Forecasting like what is today’s value and what the value might be in the future, Hub nature, what will be the developments in future.
  • Plots will can investment purpose or own use, future expansion possibilities, Resale value and resale ability are some of them.
  • By proper analysis of all the factors one can come to the conclusion that plots are the best choice for the people and for their money.
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