Top 10 Double Floor Normal House Front Elevation designs

Double Floor Normal House Front Elevation designs- Namma Family Builder

Meaning Of Double Floor Normal House Front Elevation designs

  • A Double Floor Normal House Front Elevation designs is a two-story residential building. Typically, the bedrooms are located on the second level, while the foyer, living room, and dining area are located on the ground floor.
  • we have hand-picked the top 10 styles which are on trend and covering the eyes of people, nowadays people are attracted to the new trend of elevations for their dream homes.
  • We have gone through our client’s mental state and came through this idea and picked these 10 types for your attention

Advantages of Two-Story Homes

  • Cost less per square foot to build.
  • More fuel efficient.
  • Fewer distance utilities travel.
  • Better views.
  • Larger outdoor space.
  • More versatile design. 
  • Privacy.

Double Floor Normal Elevation Designs And Types

1. Double Floor Permium house elevation

Double Floor Permium house elevation - Namma Family Builder
  • This Double floor premium house elevation design explains the quality of material, color, and texture given wood textures define the elevation to the next level.
  • Compound wall with landscape beautifies the exterior of this double-floor house elevation.
  • Lighting plays the best role in the balcony scene artificially and naturally.

2. One House With 2 Facing Elevation

One House With 2 Facing Elevation- Namma Family Builder
  • One house with two facing double floor front elevation design. one side of the house rules the triangle pattern and another side of the house rules the line pattern, therefore both sides of the elevation play with shapes, which gives the uniqueness of the elevation.
  • In this double floor ground floor occupies the commercial shops and the other two floors have residential space.

3. Contemporary Double Floor Normal House Front Elevation designs

  • This double-floor normal house front elevation design plays the Contemporary Style of the design, Color which acts in this
  • The elevation is shades of brown. All the focus falls on the straight wooden pattern. The foyer space gives goodness look with a green landscape compound wall.

4. Modern Villa Exterior Design

Modern Villa Exterior Design-Namma Family Builder
  • Modern villa exterior Design, This Double Floor normal house front elevation designs
  • The front elevation has the modern look filled with shades of grey.
  • This house is finished with stone cladding texture from the start to the end of every space of the exterior is covered with a stone finish and this totally seeks the attention of the viewers

5. Bohemian Style Exterior Design

Bohemian Style Exterior Design- Namma Family Builder
  • Bohemian Style Exterior: This style contains color, so color plays a major role in this double-floor front elevation.
  • This house elevation acts with the color of dark brown and white where brown shows the wood and white denotes the marble, and the black in the canter portion creates the illustration look to the house.
  • Nowadays this type of elevation getting more attention from seekers.

6. Simple Calssic Double Floor Normal House Front Elevation designs

Simple Calssic Fron Elevation Design-Namma Family Builder
  • Simple classic elevation, this double floor normal house front elevation designs looks so normal but gives the fullest look of
  • The classic finish, of this particular elevation, also gives the apartment style look. this double-floor front elevation has two main entrances and the wood in the elevation gives the classic look to this style were is a company with half white color and also the front glass elevation creates a calm look to the elevation design.

7. Minimalist Contemporary House Elevation Design

Minimalist Contemporary House Elevation Design-Namma Family Builder
  • Minimalist contemporary elevation where Minimalist is the term ” less is more” this double-floor front elevation acts with a single color and gives the minimalist look, light which go through the frame of the front elevation, where the single stretch balcony of this double floor elevation has a double roof for the balcony space which gives contemporary look to the elevation.

8. Elegant Style House Elevation

elegant style house elevation-Namma Family Builder
  • Elegant house elevation, This double-floor elevation creates an elegant look through the color and texture finish and the compound wall which covers the house gives a more attractive look to the house because of the light and glossy cement finish on it, especially the glass in the front elevation which is used with different shapes with CNC cut giving the overall elegant look to the house.

9. Modern Traditional Style House Elevation

Modern Traditional Style House Elevation -Namma Family Builder
  • Modern traditional house elevation, this typical Traditional house gives the modern touch to this without using a sloping roof to the elevation, when it comes to the double floor normal house front elevation designs sloped roof doesn’t go together, Front side tree which occupies the space in the corner of the house gives next level beauty to the house.
  • This house may look normal but most of the population loves this kind of modern traditional house elevation.

10. Harmonious Style House Elevation

harmonious style house elevation-Namma Family Builder
  • Harmonious style house elevation, this double-floor front elevation needs to be spread out on 2 levels with a spacious floor plan which gives A beautiful house elevation with a touch of the same pattern style.
  • The full house follows the vertical line pattern which gives a Harmonious style to the elevation. A separate portion for the light in elevation defines the beauty of the home. 


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