Best 4 East Facing House Vastu Plan for a Peaceful Life

Best 4 East Facing House Vastu Plan for a Peaceful Life
  • East Facing House Vastu  is a great science that was developed centuries ago for designing homes, palaces, and workplaces.
  • The basic concept of Vastu Shastra is to make a pleasant and livable atmosphere for human beings.
  • The five elements of nature – fire, earth, water, air, and sky plays an important role in Vastu Shastra.
  • The best combination of five elements of nature make a pleasant and livable setting. Each direction has a specific combination of nature’s five elements. Actually it means that each direction differs and has its own value for the combination of nature’s five elements.
  • The basic principle Vastu Shastra is building a direction-specific structure in a way that it harmonizes with the energies of nature in a best way to bring prosperity and positivity.

Significance Of Five Elements As Facing House Vastu Plan

The significance of the five elements present on earth is as below

  • Sky –    For enhancements and expansions.
  • Water –    For healing and spirituality
  • Fire –    For fame and power
  • Earth –    For harmony and peace
  • Air –    For happiness and joy

The Uniqueness Of East Facing House Vastu Plan

  • The first and most important advantage of east direction facing home is that it receives an ample quantity of sunlight in the morning.
  • Scientifically through this sunlight, we will get a lot of positive energy in the form of Vitamin D.
  • According to the Vastu Shastra, the east direction attracts and brings lot of fortune and luck to the home.

Impact Of East Facing House Vastu Plan On Our Living Rooms

  • The power of spiritual vibrations is great in the northeast direction. So it is best to have the Pooja room in the northeast direction. The people will enjoy great peace of mind in the northeast direction. Because it is considered to be the corner of mental peace.
  • For a staircase, we have an option of west or south direction. Both are good. ( i.e., if we plan for a house with a staircase ).
  • We can utilize the maximum advantage of sunlight by planning open spaces in the east direction. Enjoy the maximum sunlight, positivity of the house and Vitamin D.
  • The southwest direction is the ideal choice for a Master bedroom.
  • According to the best kitchen Vastu, the right choice for the Modular Kitchen Design is the northwest or southeast direction. Here the advantage is that we will be facing the east direction at the time of cooking.
  • The structure of the walls in the north and east directions should be shorter than those of the structure of the walls present in the west or south direction of the house.
  • To enhance the study of our children, it is recommended to put up a crystal globe in the northeast direction at the time of planning for interiors in the east-facing house.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, the northeast direction is the direction lord Kubendran. This direction will bring in prosperity and luck. So it is better to prefer to build your living room in the northeast direction.
  • We must avoid the northeast or southeast corners of the house and select the center portion for the placement of the gate in the house. In an east-facing house, the northeast or southeast corners of the house are considered to be inauspicious in terms of Vastu.
  • Take care if the main entrance of your house is in the northeast corner, then let it not touch the corner and for this, you can have a gap between the main door and the northeast wall.

If the main gate is facing the southeast direction, then follow the below-mentioned southeast entrance Vastu tips to reduce the dosh:

  1. Have Vastu pyramids on each side of the door and one on top of it.
  2. We can also place symbols like Swastika, Om, and Trishul on the sides of the door.
  3. Keep a Siddha Shukra Yantra in your home Design to ward off the negative energies in the house.

To enhance the flow of positive energies in the house, we can place a Siddha Vastu Kalash

An Ideal Plan For An Ideal House – East-facing House Vastu Plan


S. No.

Type of Room

Preferred Direction as per Vastu Shastra


The guest room, kitchen, living room



Drawing room, living room, office



Pooja Room



Study room, dining room, children’s room



Verandah, atrium, entrance lobby, balconies and other open spaces



Staircases, overhead tanks



Kitchen, bathrooms, staircases



Storerooms, garages, master bedrooms



Main doors

Right in the Centre

The Apt Direction For The Master Bedroom In East Facing House Vastu Plan

  • The southwest direction is the best suggestion for the master bedroom. And see to it is larger than the rest of the rooms in our house.
  • According to the Vastu shastra for the east-facing house, the bed should be placed on the west or south wall of the room so that while sleeping, the head is towards the west or south.
  • Allocate the north or west side of the room can be used to place the dressing mirror and also to have a small provision for dressing room purposes.i.
  • The bathroom should not be right in front of the bed. And take care to keep the door of the bathroom closed at all times for Vastu as well as for hygienic purposes.

Kubera Direction For Living Room In A East Facing House Vastu Plan

  • The Kubera direction is always well known for prosperity. So, the vastu shastra suggests the living room should be on the northeast side of the place in the east-facing house Vastu Plan.
  • And the Vastu shastra suggests that the north and east walls of the room should be thinner and shorter than that of the west or south walls. The faith is that it will bring prosperity in both personal and professional aspects.

Bright Direction For Best Kitchen In A East Facing House Vastu Plan

  • The east-facing house has a bright direction option of southeast direction or northwest direction for the best kitchen
  • It is better to avoid north, west, or northeast directions.
  • The people will get the benefit of facing the east if the kitchen Design is in the southeast direction/northwest direction.
  • It will bring sunlight and attract positive energies. Place the gas stove, ovens, or toasters on the southeast side. The refrigerators or storage area should be on the southwest side.

Excellent Directions For Dining Room

  • The kitchen and dining room should be in continuation of the south, west, or east side for east-facing houses.
  • Take care that the entrance door and the dining room door should not face each other.
  • At every time of dining, the people should face north, west, or east direction, but the head of the family should always sit facing the east side.

Prosperous Kubera Direction For Pooja Room

  • For a house facing the east direction, then the pooja room of that house should be in the northeast direction.
  • To keep the negative forces for away and also for a serene atmosphere purpose the pooja room should be constructed a little bit away from the bathroom.
  • The same guideline should be followed for all type houses whether it is a 2 BHK east facing house plan or a 3 BHK east facing house plan.
  • If the pooja room has an entrance that faces south east, put three Vastu pyramids, one on each door side and the third on top of the main door.
  • We can also put a Swastika, Om and Trishul symbol on both door sides.

Enhancements At Selective Directions In A East-facing House Vastu Plan.

  • For harmonious relationships between friends and family, you should place a painting of the rising sun in the east direction.
  • For enhancing prosperity, we can place a painting of seven horses on the east wall of the living room.
  • For prosperous growth and a healthy atmosphere, a picture depicting greenery can be placed in the east direction. Because, the color associated with air is green, which is about the eastern part of the house. Hence, a picture depicting greenery in the east direction will attract growth.
  • For all-time happiness and harmony in the house, place a statue of a laughing Buddha on the eastern side.

Worthy Direction For Water Tank Placement

  • The northeast or north direction is the best location for placing a water tank in a home.
  • If the water tank is of overhead type, then it should be placed in the west or southwest direction.
  • According to Vastu shastra, the water tank should never be at the center of the house.

East Facing House Vastu Plan For Open Spaces Or Balcony

  • For east-facing houses, the balconies should be in the east direction. we will enjoy an uninterrupted source of natural light. It will attract positive energies.
  • Having open spaces in the east direction in a house will always bring good luck and health for the inhabitants.
  • According to Vastu shastra,if the east corner of your home is blocked, it can result in health issues for the family members.

The Best Colours For Brightness In A East Facing House Vastu Plan

  • The east-facing houses gets an ample amount of light in the morning, and we might need some artificial source of light during the afternoons. So for painting the east-facing houses,we can go ahead with the paint selection, visualize how it will look in natural as well as artificial light.
  • Mosty people go with the hues of green and blue for painting their east-facing rooms.
  • The rooms painted with blue colour and a hint of grey in them gives a cool vibe, whereas green with aqua shades add freshness to the room.
  • If we want to be of a minimalistic nature, then lighter shades of pink and white will be the best choices.

The Best Staircase Directions For An East-facing House Vastu Plan

  • The staircase should be in the west, southwest, or south direction for an east-facing house.
  • The staircase should never be in the northeast corner of the house as it allows the sun rays to enter the home.
  • It is good to have the stairs built in a clockwise direction to add good vibes to the home.

20x60 East Facing House Vastu Plan

Best 4 East Facing House Vastu Plan for a Peaceful Life

60x96 East Facing House Vastu Plan

Best 4 East Facing House Vastu Plan for a Peaceful Life

27x45 East Facing House Vastu Plan

Best 4 East Facing House Vastu Plan for a Peaceful Life

40x30 East Facing House Vastu Plan

Best 4 East Facing House Vastu Plan for a Peaceful Life

The List Of Firm Nos For An East Facing House Vastu Plan

  • While constructing an east facing house, you should keep in mind the following some Don’ts as per Vastu Shastra

    • Avoid the construction of toilets in the northeast direction. Strictly no-no.
    • Don’t construct septic tanks placed in the northeast direction of the house.
    • We should not have kitchen in the northeast direction.
    • No staircases in the northeast direction of the house.
    • The entrance should not be obstructed by a pole or tree.
    • Don’t place the garage in the northeast direction.
    • We should not keep the northeast corner of the house too packed.
    • We should not have any slope in the plot towards the south or north direction.
    • We should never place a mirror in front of the bed.
    • We should not plant trees in the north or east direction.


  • The east-facing houses attract a lot of positive energy.
  • When the above-mentioned Vastu principles are integrated with the right architectural techniques, it will result in a peaceful ambiance that brings positivity and prosperity.
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