You Must Know The Best Facts About GST On Real Estate Sector

GST ON Real Estate
  • The implementation of the Goods and Services Tax is projected to help a wide range of industries by increasing openness and accountability.
  • To control the GST on real estate sector, the Government of India (GOI) created a uniform charge. The most precious gemstone in the Indian economy is the real estate industry.
  • Different types of charges and GST in this industry would help the entire economy because it is the most participating industry in the country’s GDP. 
  • This would be for benefiting the real estate sector.

Beneficial GST On Real Estate in 2022

  • This will be especially beneficial to the real estate sector and its related industries, which are growing at a fantastic rate and contribute around 7 to 8% of India’s GDP. 
  • The real estate business ranks second in terms of employment generation, behind the IT industry.

GST on real estate for plots (Property),

  • The sale of land is exempt from the GST on construction services. likewise,It comes under the transfer of goods or services.
  • Because the cost of land is such an essential component in determining property values, GST on property provides a standard abatement of 33 percent of the entire contract value for taxable real estate transactions to be applied to the cost of land.
  • While plot sales are GST-free, the same cannot be said if the land parcel for which the transaction is registered qualifies as developable land.
  • Advance Rulings (AAR) stating the sale of developed land was a “service” and thus taxable under the current regime, GST on plots Prior to a judgment by the Gujarat Authority for the prevalent perception that the sale of the developable property was exempt from the GST. 
  • This is due to a provision in Schedule-III of the CGST Act that states that the sale of land and buildings shall not be recognized as a supply of goods or a supply of services.
  • While the selling of plots is exempt from the GST,

Taxability of transactions for GST on Real Estate property,




Applicable / Not Applicable

Rate Of Tax (%)

Ready To Move :

Certificates will be issued for which completion to ready to move properties (RTM)

It is not applicable – It is treated as a sale of a building with neither supply of goods nor a supply of service as per schedule 3 of CGST act,2017.

For this not applicable

On Resale

Resale properties

It is not applicable

For this not applicable

On Flats and Apartments

Purchase and sale of Flats and Apartments

Not applicable

For this not applicable

On Land 

Purchase and sale of land

It is not applicable – The sale of land, according to Schedule 3, is neither a supply of goods nor a provision of services.

For this not applicable

GST on Real Estate For Home Loan,

  • While the GST on real estate property does not apply to home loan repayments in the eyes of the borrower, financial institutions offer a variety of “services” as part of home loans.
  • The fact that these are services brings up the question of GST’s application.
  • As a result, if you take out a home loan, the processing fee, technical valuation fee, and legal fee will all be subject to GST.

GST on Construction Materials,

  • The GST’s applicability in real estate is divided into two categories.
  • The first is the goods aspect, which includes the GST on real estate that applies to various construction materials, and the second is the services aspect, which includes the construction service itself.
  • Both of these factors influence the property’s eventual cost to the end-user (owner), and various rates apply at different phases.
  • The total GST that applies is derived by adding the SGST (State GST) and the CGST (central GST), so 18% GST = 9% SGST + 9% CGST. The GST of 12% is made up of 6% SGST and 6% CGST.


Rate Of GST (%)



Building Bricks


Marble Rubble / Crude Granite


Fly Ash Blocks


Roofing Tiles


Marble / Granite Blocks






Tiles / Refractory bricks



18 %



GST Exempted On Real Estate Sector,

  • When purchasing or selling a property on Real estate, GST is EXEMPTED on real estate.
  • Here to pay stamp duty and registration fees only.

Real Estate Registration and Stamp Duty,

The impact of stamp duty and registration fees on the ultimate property price

Let’s look at how to figure out how stamp duty and property registration fees affect the ultimate property price:

Assume that anyone purchased a home in Chennai with a guideline value of Rs. 40 lakhs. He will be required to pay the following fees:

After the Period of 09-06-2017,

  • Fee for registration: 4% of Rs 40 lakhs = Rs 1,60,000
  • 7% of Rs 40 lakhs = Rs 2,80,000 in stamp duty.
  • As a result, the actual cost of buying this property is Rs 44.40 lakh.
  • Stamp duty and registration fees are not included in the GST calculation for the time being.
  • Both completed and under-construction properties, the Stamp duty will continue to be charged just as it was before the GST.

The cost of registering a resale property,

  • The registration fee for a resale property is 4% of the property’s market value or the agreed value.
  • The stamp duty that will be imposed on them is 7%.


  • On a better note, The above-given information is based on the GST on real estate in India.
  • The Real estate sector is considered the most important pillar of Indian economic growth.
  • With the applicable GST in Materials and different charges in real estate sectors, the average percentage of GDP is calculated from this Industry.
  • This means real estate is contributing 7 to 8 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to India.

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