How to buy residential plots in Chennai under 15 lakhs

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Buying Residential Plots in Chennai is damn difficult in recent times. As major areas are completely occupied, buying a Plots in Chennai under 15 lakhs is like getting a gram of Gold for Rs. 500.

One cannot buy anywhere within prime locations in Chennai, unless the budget is in crores. Best Choice for our best future is Investing in developing areas with all reasonable and basic amenities.

Mostly new house buyers, always tend to buy either plots or apartments. At the same time, buying any property in a lesser price in the best location is what everyone looks for. So buying residential plots in future developing cities will be the lifetime best.

Primary Search:

The following search helps to find a residential plot under 15 lakhs:

  • Where are we looking for residential plots under 15 lakhs?
  • Find out how plot for sale are under 15 lakhs?
  • The priority for basic amenities and the social structure of the plots in Chennai.
  • Analyse whether the plots in Chennai cost will increase in the future / remain the same or may go down.
  • Primary location Plots in Chennai.
  •  The Builder credibility.
  • The background of the best builders in Chennai.
  • Previous projects and upcoming projects of the best builders are to be checked.

The background of the best builders in chennai. Their previous projects, and upcoming projects are to be checked.

Perfect Place To Buy Residential Plots:

  • Every investor has to look at the following key parameters before buying residential plots in Chennai.

Real Value For Money: 

  • Don’t get lured by less-priced plots in Chennai. Don’t accept a low-cost deal of large plot areas for a low value. Step by step procedure is essential even though the deal looks very nice.
  • Check whether the plots in Chennai are in the areas that are in the developing stage and the current square feet rates are reasonable. Select such plot areas before it reaches the saturation point.

Need Satisfied and Affordable Budget Rates: 

  • The area or size of the plots in Chennai is very important. And it should be within the budget.
  • Verify the Residential plots under 15 lakhs for which Value Appreciation is guaranteed. Analyse whether the plot cost will increase in the future / remain the same or may go down.
  • Scope for exponential growth in the future.
  • Do your analysis about the plots in Chennai that fetch a sensible price immediately. The more important analysis on the appreciation within the years to come back.
  • Well planned layout is important.

Superior and Proper Connectivity: 

  • Confirm the location of the Residential plots in Chennai is good. The proximity and connectivity to the vital areas in the town are very important.
  • Accessible to all areas of the town will fetch the investor more return on investment in future.
  • The right location with the scenic surroundings and various entertainment zones are considered.

The other location advantage factors of the plots in Chennai are

  1. Presence of the IT sector
  2. Newly launched projects
  3. Proper roads and Flyovers  
  4. Pollution-free environment for healthy living
  5. Free from Noise pollution
  6. Self-sustained township for all the needs
  7. Cost of living in the area
  8. Promise Secured living with Peace of Mind
  9. Free from Traffic congestion

Ready To Build Plots and Groundwater Level:

  •  The plots with proper connections for metro water supply, electricity, and drainage are called ready-to-build plots.
  •   Ready to build plots in Chennai are highly appreciable.
  •  Check the groundwater level. It helps to avoid water scarcity problems in the future.

Maintenance Expenses: 

  • The water and electricity expenses are calculated on the basis of square meter reading and measured at regular intervals. Check whether the intervals are on a monthly or yearly basis.

Safe Investment: 

  • Verify loan facilities for the budget. Banks and monetary institutes provide “ Land loan “ or  “ Land purchase loan”.
  • Analyze the market risk. Check whether there is a government project going on in the nearby areas or any upcoming projects. 
  • Then there is a possibility that the government may approach the site for its requirements.
  • The proper documents and verification of the same are very important.
  • Check and make sure that all the necessary approvals and licenses for the plots in Chennai are in the hand of the issuer.
  • Particularly CMDA/DTCP approvals & check whether registered with Tamilnadu Real Estate Regulation Authority. Check whether the  “ Registration of sale deed “ is properly done.


  • As the city expands to include the suburbs and beyond. There is a great deal of demand for residential plots under 15 lakhs. 
  • The nearness to IT hubs in some areas assures tremendous growth with proper roads & basic amenities in the future. 
  • The Metro railway network expansion project also looks for new areas for the connectivity options. 
  • This fascinates many investors to invest in residential plots.

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