A Proper Guideline of Land Information

Land Information
  • Our people are traditional investors on land . A lot of Investment options are available for all categories of people. Many areas have recently undergone major developments, especially in terms of infrastructure. 
  • The nearness to IT hubs in some areas assures tremendous growth with proper roads and basic amenities in the future. This fascinates many investors to look for plots for sale in those areas.
  • Investing in the future and current developing areas with all reasonable amenities will be the best one. Many peripheral areas are seeing decent growth in the real estate business. This gives wider options for checking the land information.
  • The land investments are extremely capital intensive with correct legal advice, proper documents, and verification of the relevant information of the property.

Do Proper Research

The following search is important to find the land information for Investment purposes

  • The location advantage of the land.
  • The priority for basic amenities and the social structure.
  • Forecast the land information and check the cost of the land, which will increase in the future / remain the same or may go down.
  • The authenticity of the land and verification of all relevant documents.

Perfect Place For Buying Land

The following Location analysis is to be done before selecting the land for the Investment purpose.


  • Don’t get lured by low-cost deals such as less-priced land and large plot areas for a low value. A step-by-step procedure is a must even though the deal looks very nice.
  • Find out whether the land is in areas that are in the developing stage and the current square feet rates are reasonable. The land value increases gradually in the future.
  • Select such areas before it reaches the saturation point. One of the best places to invest now in Chennai. Understand the benefits of investing in the plots for sale in Chennai.
  • Check the land Value Appreciation is guaranteed for the land. Find out how much the land cost was 5-10 years back and how much it cost today. It will give the growth rate value of the land by checking
    land information
  • Forecast whether the land cost will increase in the future or remain the same or may go down.

Clear Layout/Plot Boundary

  • Some areas face plot boundary problems. A perfect planned layout with a clear plot boundary is important to avoid plot boundary problems.
  • The area with clear plot boundaries is considered by verifying the land information

Groundwater Level and Water Quality

  • The groundwater level must be checked to avoid water scarcity and water shortage problems.
  • It is best to check the hardness of water by using TDS Meter. The water should not be very salty. The water level and quality of water are also very important for the selection of the best agricultural land.

Maintenance Expenses

  • The Maintenance expenses of the land are the water, and electricity expenses. They are calculated on the basis of square meter reading and measured at regular intervals while the property is for sale.
  • Check whether the intervals are on a monthly or yearly basis.

Electrical / Water/ Drainage Connections

  • Check whether the area has proper provisions for water supply, electricity, and drainage connections.
  • It helps one to go for immediate construction without any waiting period.
  • The ready-to-build nature makes this area the best vacant land for your future.

Strategically Located

  • Connectivity of the land – Confirm the land information in Chennai considering the proximity and connectivity to the vital areas in the town.
  • The accessibility to all areas of the town will fetch the investor more return on investment in the future for plots in Guduvanchery.

Availability Of Appreciable Amenities 

The people prefer the areas which ensure a coveted lifestyle with top amenities. It helps one to select the best land for investment opportunities.

The list of the top amenities are as below:

  1. Self-sustained township for all the needs
  2. Hospitals and Health care centers
  3. Educational institutions
  4. Temples and Meditation centers of all religion
  5. Free from Traffic congestion
  6. Free from Noise congestion
  7. Availability of child play area
  8. Ensure secured living with Peace of mind

Checklists To Understand Before Buying The Land - Land Information

 Verify and make sure that all the necessary approvals and licenses of the land area in the hand of the issuer are fenced.

CMDA and DTCP Approval 

  1. Verify the Land has proper CMDA and DTCP approvals.
  2. Verify whether registered with Tamilnadu Real Estate Regulation Authority.

Patta, Chitta, and Adangal – Land Records

  • Land sales records are very important. It clearly shows the property-related transactions such as transfer of ownership, property ownership, etc. 
  • In  Tamilnadu, a series of land records called Patta, Chitta are prepared to signify ownership of land or property.


The Government issues a legal document called  “Patta” in the name of the actual owner of the property. This document provides details such as

  • Patta number
  • District /  Taluk / Village
  • Property ownership
  • Survey No
  • Subdivision
  • The total area of Land
  • Property tax details


The Government issues a land revenue record called “Chitta”. It gives the details of the following

  1. Land area
  2. Property owner name
  3. Type of land

Documents required to apply for Patta and Chitta are as below,

  1. E.B.bill or previous property tax receipt for proof of ownership.
  2. The sale deed photocopy should be submitted to the Tashildar office for Authentication.


Adangal document provides the following details Patta Lands nature

  • Wet
  • Dry
  • Manavari
  • Assessed wasteland nature
  • wet
  • Dry

Checklists Of Property Documents

  • One must collect complete property documents at the time of purchase of the property.
  • Otherwise, the buyers will struggle at the time of sale of the property.

Sale Deed Document/Mother Deed Document/Title Deed Document

  • The most important legal document is the Sale deed.  The Sale deed confirms the Sale of the property.
  • And also it confirms the transfer of the ownership of the property. It is authentic proof of ownership of property by the owner.
  • Normally Sale deed is executed after the execution of the Sale Agreement.
  • The sale deed confirms that the terms and conditions detailed in the Sale Agreement as agreed upon between the buyer and seller have complied.
  • It is compulsory to register a Sale deed within 4 months in the Sub Register Office from the date of execution.

Land Information - List Of Other Documents To Be Checked Before Purchasing a Land

  • Encumbrance Certificate for the last 15 years.
  • The Statutory Authority certificate for Building Construction
  • NOC from Electricity Department
  • NOC from Pollution Control Board
  • NOC from Waterworks / Airport Authority.
  • The RTC Extracts
  • The Katha Certificate and Extracts
  • The Mutation Register Extracts
  • The Joint Development Agreement
  • General Power of Attorney
  • The Sale Agreement with the Seller
  • Allotment letter.
  • Payment Receipts
  • Property Tax Receipts


  • The people prefer the areas which ensure a convenient living with all basic facilities.
  • This makes the people to select the land in those areas.
  • The expansion of IT hubs in some areas assures tremendous growth with proper roads and basic amenities in the future. This fascinates many investors to look for land in those areas.
  • The day-by-day developments are great in some areas. Some areas are considered as fast-developing areas with the best social infrastructure and excellent future expansion possibilities.
  • Major cities expand to include the suburbs and the areas beyond. In peripheries, the investors are getting excellent infrastructure at affordable rates. Here the people have multiple options to choose the land.
  • Namma family Builder and Developer Pvt Ltd offers the best land in Chennai. The great advantage is the Land areas are surrounded by all the high-class facilities one needs and desires.


1. Why do we refer a sale deed is also a title deed ?
  • As soon as a sale deed is registered, it becomes legal proof that the title of the property has been transferred in the name of the buyer. It is in this capacity that the sale deed becomes a title deed.

2. What is self-sustained nature?
  • Everything from schools to hospitals of essential facilities located in close proximity is the self - sustained nature.
  • If there is a scope for a walk-to-work possibility, then it is an added advantage. And it will enhance the total work-life balance.
3. Why should we insist on clear layout details in plots purchase?

● Check layout details properly.
● Insist on personal site visits.
● Check whether the survey stones are laid properly at the four corners.
● Measure the dimensions for verification of the correct plot size.
● To avoid plots of irregular size and shape for unnecessary additional expenses for correcting/leveling.

4. What are the steps to be taken for a systematic approach in plot purchase?
  • ROI of good value-assured places.
  • Check the advantages of the location.
  • Basic amenities & social structure.
  • Check the authenticity of legally perfect documents.
5. What are the documents required to apply for Patta and Chitta?
  • E.B. Bill
  • Previous tax receipt for proof of ownership
  • The photocopy of the sale deed.
6. Why the locations with all services under a single roof is the best choice?
  • All facilities are at close proximity and within our reach. So all requirements are met in our location with little effort for a comfortable living.
7. What are the criteria to be used to select the best price for purchase?
  • Find out whether the land is in a prime location, a developed location, or in a developing location.
  • Find out whether the square feet rates are favorable.
  • Find out the value appreciation is guaranteed.
  • Finally select the plot in a developing area with reasonable square feet rates of increasing nature.
8. List out the most important property documents to be checked at the time of purchase.
  • The Sale Agreement.
  • The Title Deed document
  • Power of Attorney
  • Encumbrance Certificate
  • Property tax receipts
  • The katha certificate and extracts
  • The statutory authority certificate for building construction.
  • NOC from Electricity Department.
9. What is the importance of the Adangal document?

It clearly shows the nature of the Patta land, whether

  • It is dry type
  • It is a wet type
  • It is manavari type
10. Why the complete collection of all the property-related documents at the time of property purchase is very important?
  • It is to maintain  peace of mind and enjoy the possibility to sell at any time.
  • This will avoid unnecessary struggle at the time of a property sale.

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