How to Verify Land Records in Tamil Nadu Patta, Chitta, and FMB Online?

Land Records

What is Meant by Land Records?

  • The term “Land Records” is broad and can be used to describe a number of documents, such as the deed register, records of rights (RoRs), registers for tenancies and crop inspections, registers for mutations, registers for disputed cases, etc.

Importance of Land Records

  • Management is aided by land records.
  • It aids in estimating revenue. 
  • Land serves as a major revenue source for the government. 
  • Given that it serves as the foundation for all activities, the value of land is undeniable.

Patta Chitta - Land Records in Tamil Nadu

  • View Patta & FMB / Chitta / TSLR Extract
  • View A-Register Extract
  • Verify Patta
  • Verify Poramboke Land
  • Adangal

What is Patta?

  • In Tamil Nadu, the patta—a land revenue record—establishes the title and ownership of land. 
  • The Patta Register, which is kept at the Taluk office, contains information on who owns each piece of land. 
  • The Patta contains entries describing who owns what land and how much of it. 
  • For village properties, patta is always issued in hectares or acres.

What is Chitta?

  • The ownership information for the land that belongs to a person or persons is provided in the Chitta, an extract from the Patta register.
  • The specific data in a patta/Chitta extract includes the village, taluk, district, father’s name of the landowner, patta number, survey number, and information on the subdivision.

What is A Register in Tamil Nadu Land Records?

  • In Tamil Nadu, the VAO (Village Administrative Officer) office maintains a register of the land that is under their control.
  •  It contains information about the property, including its classification, tax assessment, and owner’s name. 
  • The “A” register listed information about the land, while the “Chitta” record listed ownership and the “Adangal” record listed tenancy and cultivation information. 
  • Information needed for the issuance of documents like Records of Rights (ROR) to the public is contained in the “A” register and “Chitta.”

What Is Meant By Adangal?

  • Adangal is an excerpt from the VAO office’s A- Register.
  • Adangal records give more information about the type of land and its intended use. 
  • The Adangal extract includes data on holdings broken down by Survey Number, field area, tenancy information, and more. 
  • At the village level, the “Adangal” register is kept and contains data on how each subdivision of land is used, including information about crops.

What is TSLR Extract?

  • Town Survey Land Record is a TSLR. 
  • The revenue land records for land in Tamil Nadu are either field extracts or town survey land extracts. 
  • They are the equivalent of patta distributed in towns and municipalities.

Patta Chitta Information

  • The Tamil Nadu Land Records website has information on Patta, Chitta, Adangal, etc. These details are available on this website.

1. Land Details

The information in these columns, which make up this section, is as follows:

  •  Survey Number – A particular piece of land is given a special number that serves as a means of physical identification.
  •  Sub Division Number – It is a sub-divisional number for a specific survey number.
  •  Extent of Land – It displays the total land area under consideration.
  • Revenue – It contains information about Land Revenue, Cesses, and Water rates.
  • Soil Type – The classification of soil is discussed.
  • Irrigation Details as per the extent- It displays data on the irrigation source and the area irrigated across various categories, including the Kharif area, Rabi area, and Garden area.

2. Owner Details

  • As the name implies, it contains information about the landowner, including the owner’s name, father’s name, address, the size of the landholding, and other rights and obligations. 
  • Additionally, the Acquisition type is covered, along with a description that includes the relevant Mutation entry for the Transaction.

3. Cultivation & Crop Details

  • This section includes the Year, Season, Cultivator’s Name, Cultivator’s Residence, Cultivation Type, Amount of Land Under Cultivation, Amount of Land Used by Each Category, and Amount of Land Used Overall.
  •  Name of the planted crops area of land planted in crops, Source of water, yield, and information on mixed crops.

View Patta / Chitta

To view your Chitta / Patta extract details, follow the instructions below.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Select “View Patta / Chitta.”

Step 3:

  • Details like the District, Taluk, Village, Ward, and Block should be filled in. Add the survey number and the Sub Division number.

How to Verify Land Records in Tamil Nadu Patta, Chitta, and FMB Online?

Step 4:

  •  After inputting the property details, the Town Survey Land Register’s Patta Chitta will provide an online certificate. The certificate will contain details regarding the sort of buildings on the property, the municipality’s door number, the neighborhood, the kind of land, etc.

How to Verify Land Records in Tamil Nadu Patta, Chitta, and FMB Online?

How To View A-Register Extract?

  • To view your Chitta / Patta extract details, follow the instructions below.

  • Visit the website for Tamil Nadu Land Records.
  • To view the A-Register extract, click.
How to Verify Land Records in Tamil Nadu Patta, Chitta, and FMB Online?
  • A new page will appear Choose the Village, Taluk, and District.
How to Verify Land Records in Tamil Nadu Patta, Chitta, and FMB Online?
  • The Patta Number associated with the Survey Number or Sub Division Number must then be entered. 
  • This is done to make sure that the A-Register Extract is only being viewed by legitimate people.
  • Enter 24 in the survey number field and 2A in the subdivision number field, for instance, if the survey number is 24/2A. 
  • Please enter 24 in the survey number field if it is 24 and leave the subdivision number field empty.
  • Enter the authentication value in the box as it is displayed.
  • The system will display the A-Register Extract copy after receiving the correct information
How to Verify Land Records in Tamil Nadu Patta, Chitta, and FMB Online?
  • A Unique Reference Number will be generated for each request as the information is displayed, and this number is also shown in the footnote of the A-Register Extract. 
  • Any organization or agency may request access to your A-Register information by providing the Reference Number. 
  • They can check the A-Register Extract using this number.

How to Validate the Certificate, Patta Chitta

Owners of real estate should follow the requirements listed below to authenticate their Patta:

Step 1:

  • Visit to access the Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta website.

Step 2:

  • Choose the “View A-Register Extract” option, which is just beneath the “Verify Patta / Chitta” option.

How to Verify Land Records in Tamil Nadu Patta, Chitta, and FMB Online?

Step 3:

  • For Patta to be verified, type the reference number.
  • Following the reference number, Displayed is a sample copy of the Chitta/Patta Extract.
How to Verify Land Records in Tamil Nadu Patta, Chitta, and FMB Online?

Poramboke Land verification

  • To determine if the land is Poramboke or not, follow the methods listed below.
  • Visit the official Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta Website at to confirm the ownership of Poramboke land.
  • You will be taken to a different page if you select the “Verify Government / Private (Poramboke) Land” option on the site.
How to Verify Land Records in Tamil Nadu Patta, Chitta, and FMB Online?
  • Fill in the information below for the fields:

    • District
    • Taluk
    • Village
    • Survey Number
    • Subdivision Number
How to Verify Land Records in Tamil Nadu Patta, Chitta, and FMB Online?
  • To determine if the land is owned by the government or a private entity, enter the district, taluk, village, survey number, subdivision number, etc.
How to Verify Land Records in Tamil Nadu Patta, Chitta, and FMB Online?

Field Measurement Book (FMB)

  • The tahsildar’s office is responsible for maintaining the Field Measurement Book Map, also known as the FMB Map. 
  • Up until now, in order to receive an FMB map, you had to go to the tahsildar office that was in charge of keeping the FMB sketch current. 
  • The FMB online was introduced to do rid of this inconvenience. 
  • The FMB map online part has been added, making it easier than ever to access the sketch by providing some required information through the anytime/anywhere e-services portal. 
  • By entering the subdivision and survey numbers into the tn FMB online service, landowners can view FMB online. 
  • The steps for completing an online FMB application are listed below.

Components of FMB

  • F-line
  • G-line
  • Extension lines
  • Subdivision lines
  • Ladder
  • Neighboring field survey numbers

How to View FMB Map Online?

  • Find the accessible e-services by visiting the official webpage. You will have access to a variety of options, such as “View Patta/Chitta,” “Verify Patta/ Chitta,” “TSLR Extract,” and many others.
  • Then select the “FMB Sketch” section.
How to Verify Land Records in Tamil Nadu Patta, Chitta, and FMB Online?
  • You will be taken to a different website, Land record – View FMB.
  • In the space provided for text, enter the information. This online FMB Tamilnadu form asks for details about the land, including the district, taluk, village, survey number, subdivision number, and captcha.
  • You can access the FMB Map by clicking “Submit” after filling out the necessary information.
How to Verify Land Records in Tamil Nadu Patta, Chitta, and FMB Online?
  • If the Patta number option is selected, applicants must enter the Patta number, authentication value, and submit option.
  • If the survey number is chosen, applicants must enter the survey number, and subdivision number, choose whether to view Patta Chitta or Map, enter the authentication value, and then click the submit option.
  • The Patta Chitta Map will now appear on your screen. It is available for download and printing by applicants.
  • The map can be viewed online by following the steps outlined above.

How to get FMB Online?

  • In Tamil Nadu, there is currently no online procedure for obtaining FMB Sketch.
  • The Tamil Nadu FMB Map or Sketch can also be obtained from the Tahasildar office.
  • The FMB sketch is kept by the concerned Tahasildar, and the authorized Tahasildar officer will survey the property upon request.
  • The request must be submitted to the Tahasildar in writing.

Adangal – Tamil Nadu

  • Adangal documents are crucial in confirming a seller’s clear property title during a real estate transaction. 
  • Adangal can be obtained by submitting an application to the local Village Administrative Officer (VAO), who maintains it. 
  • In this post, we take a close look at the acquisition process for adangal.

What is Adangal?

  • A sort of land record called an adangal is kept by the village administrator officer. 
  • Adangal, often referred to as Village Account No. 2, is written by the Village Administrative Officer each year. The following information is found in the Legal documents:
  • The Village Administrative Officer’s main responsibility is to record in the adangal the information regarding the crops grown on the property, the trees present on all public lands (whether subject to the tree tax system or not), instances of unauthorized occupation of public lands, instances of Fasli Jasthi and Theervai Jasthi, etc.
  •  The monthly registration of crops should be done by the VAO (Village Administrative Officer). The adangal is crucial in establishing a property title since it gives a timeline of ownership and use of the property.

Information in Adangal

  • A register’s Adangal provides a number of significant facts, including the property’s extent, assessment, and land classification.
  • Additionally, the adangal makes reference to the Chitta document and includes the name of the proprietor. 
  • The paper also includes information about trees, wells, lands set aside for Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes, and assignments that were made with or without conditions. 
  • The information in the adangal should be created annually, and the data (extent and assessment) should match those stated in the “A” Register in terms of classification.
How to Verify Land Records in Tamil Nadu Patta, Chitta, and FMB Online?

How to Obtain Adangal ?

  • A property listing can be obtained by contacting the concerned Village Administrative Officer (VAO).
  • If you need to get inclusion for a property, contact an IndiaFilings consultant at or get a patta chita online from IndiaFilings.


  • The digital Patta Chitta system was introduced by the Tamil Nadu government to make it easier for landowners to verify and register their property. Contact the website if applicants are experiencing any issues or delays with their processing for answers to their questions and concerns.
  •  The online crew that manages the e-Services portal for the Tamil Nadu Government website is kind and eager to help users.
  • On the website, there is a Grievances Redressal section that applicants can use. 
  • The official website contains all additional information regarding the Patta Chitta application procedure, including instructions on how to validate land certificates.


1. where land records are maintained in Tamilnadu?

  • Patta is a land revenue record that establishes the title/ ownership of land in Tamil Nadu.
  •  The Patta Register is maintained at the Taluk office and contains ownership details of all Landholdings.

2. How can I get original land documents in Tamil Nadu?

Apply In Person


  • Visit the Sub-Registrar's office where your property is registered and make an application to get the certified copy of your sale deed after the waiting period. 
  • Then, prepare an Affidavit on stamped paper. You have to state everything that happened and sign an undertaking

3. Why is the maintenance of land records important ?

The maintenance of land records is important because if anyone fighting about land records then they can show the land records they can make a file or papers then give it to land owners

4. Which department is responsible for the maintenance of land records of villages who is the head of this department?

  • The revenue department of the government supervises the work of the Patwari. (Patwari is the village account or the administrative officer in a village who is responsible for maintaining land records of the village.)
  • It ensures that records are properly kept and land revenue is collected.

5. What is the purpose of records?

  • Their purpose is to provide reliable evidence of, and information about, 'who, what, when, and why' something happened. 
  • In some cases, the requirement to keep certain records is clearly defined by law, regulation or professional practice.

6. What is the difference between Patta and adangal

  • The Patta document will tell you whether all the property taxes have been paid and if any are due. 
  • Chitta documentation will include the Patta number, the survey number, and any sub-division details. 
  • The Adangal document provides more details about the type and purpose of the land.

7. What is the use of FMB sketch?

  • FMB denotes the precise dimensions of the land. Hence, in a property purchase transaction, FMB sketch is used to verify the land measurements and boundaries of the property

8. Why is land registration important?

  • By registering your land, you can avoid potential legal issues and scams and maintain an accurate public record.
  •  However, the costs and procedures for land registration differ from state to state. In this technique, the sale and purchase are conducted verbally between the vendor and the buyer.

9. Is a register and Adangal same?

The 'A' register contained details of land while 'Chitta' was a record of ownership and 'Adangal' stored details of tenancy and cultivation.

10. What is a survey No?

The survey number is the unique id number allocated to a piece of land in a rural area.

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