Land Value In Chennai – Current And Future Appreciation Values

Land Value In Chennai

How can I buy land in Chennai?

  • Chennai city is always a promising investment zone. The global lifestyle with all the modern-day conveniences is great in Chennai.
  • The excellent proper connectivity to all the vital places and other cities enhances a lot of commutation in Chennai. The improved socio-economic conditions increase the number of land value in Chennai.
  • The available number of land for sale and the range of land for sale is good in Chennai. 
  • The returns on investment on lands will be very good. People expect both their current needs and their future expectations to be fulfilled. 
  • Always they select the land for sale which will satisfy their current needs and future expectations for a convenient living.

Things to Consider Before Buying Land in Chennai

Money Matters the Most:

  • Check the reasonable and favorable current value of the land in Chennai for today’s requirement and do proper focus on the appreciable increase in the upcoming days. The proper forecast and  land value calculation to be done for the land at different areas as below
  • Chennai expands to include the suburbs and the beyond areas.
  • The growth and future expansion possibilities are great.  Large square feet areas at reasonable rates are available in these areas. The future forecast about these areas will help land value in Chennai.
  • The land in Chennai surrounded by plenty of IT parks and Industrial Hubs is good. The scope of growth of this land will be tremendous in the future.
  • The current projects and upcoming projects in nearby areas have an impact on the market value of the land for sale in an area.
  • The day-by-day developments are great in some areas. The market price will be high for the land for sale in these areas.
  • In some areas, find out how much the land cost today and how much it was 5-10 years back.  The comparison gives the growth rate value of the land in the area. The areas that experienced good growth over the past 10 years are good for purchase.
  • Check the guideline rate of the land at which will help to determine the market value of the land. If it is a favorable value then more will be the consideration.

Purpose of Purchase:

  • Where we plan to buy the land in Chennai EMI depends on what we want to do with the property to satisfy our current needs and our focus on future expectations.
  • Constructing home for personal use: Chennai has many good residential areas for comfortable living. Check whether the land for sale is located in a residential area that supports comfortable living. The current and future resale values of comfortable residential areas are always very good.
  • Construction for commercial purposes: The areas with already established business hubs and upcoming emerging locations promise very good future developments. The land for sale in those areas is very good for consideration.
  • The combined purpose of both residential and commercial: Some areas in Chennai have corner plots that will satisfy both purposes. The demand for that farmland  is tremendous.
  • Investment with resale plans: There are some areas where the agricultural land favors investment with resale plans. These areas are favorite destinations for investors who look forward to making a very high profit in the future. The above-mentioned areas assure tremendous growth and appreciation in the future.

Comfortable Commutation And Location Of Land Value in chennai:

  • Superior connectivity and excellent infrastructure promise high-value appreciation for the land value in Chennai.
  • The connectivity to all the areas within Chennai and national highways is very important for a comfortable approach.
  • The proper roads with all types of Transport facilities increase the commutation.
  • All the important places have suburban railway stations.
  • The Metro railway network also plans for a very good expansion to cover all the important places for a comfortable approach. If the land for sale is nearer to Railway stations, it might be an added value.
  • The strategic location of the commercial land value in Chennai
    enhances the speedy mobility and accessibility to all the important places in Chennai. The coverage includes educational institutions, offices, IT parks, hospitals, marriage halls, clubs, malls, and all kinds of need-satisfying shops and bazaars in the city.
  • The scope includes the parcel growth of the State and Central government sectors, and the Private sector’s new projects are tremendous in Chennai. The vacant land for sale in these areas gets good demand.
  • The land for sale in huge acres in these areas will yield rapid land value appreciation in the future.

Availability Of Essential Connections:

  • There are some locations where the low-budget land in Chennai has proper connections for metro water supply,  electricity, and drainage.
  • These connections are very essential and important connections to the plots for sale in Chennai.
  • These types of land in Chennai are most preferred by buyers.
  • The unnecessary waiting period for these essential connections can be avoided and the construction work can be started immediately.
  • The current and future resalable value for this land in Chennai is highly appreciable.

Favorable Size Of Land And Size Of The Road:

  • The important factor Floor Space Index  ( FSI ) differs from state to state. The FSI range in Chennai is .8FSI – 2FSI.
  • FSI  actually shows how much % of the total square feet area of the land should be used for construction purposes. The actual square feet offered should match with the FSI of the land.
  • Additional 30% Premium FSI, 40% Premium FSI are possible in Chennai.
  • If the connecting road to the land is of size from 30 feet to 40 feet, then 30% extra square feet can be used.
  • If the connecting road to the land is of size from 40 feet to 60 feet, then 40% extra square feet can be used.
  • The size of the plot facing the road has an impact on the land value in Chennai.
    If the road size is of
  • 40 feet road   –   Best
  • 30 feet road   –   Better
  • 25 feet road   –   Good
  • The prominent presence of 40  feet roads at many places in Chennai makes it the perfect and best place for investment. The proper size of the road in Chennai is important for the hassle-free movement of vehicles and for avoiding traffic congestion.

Comparison Between North and South:

  • The land for sale in north Chennai areas are not appreciable due to the following factors:
  • Poor roads
  • Lack of comfort of large space areas
  • Insufficient Transport facilities
  • Lack of Proper Infrastructure
  • Lack of availability of modern-day conveniences
  • Poor Resale value
  • The demand for plots for sale in Chennai south areas is highly appreciable due to the perfect condition of all the above-mentioned facilities.
  • The demand for south Chennai areas is highly appreciable due to the perfect condition of all the above-mentioned facilities.

Comparison Between North and South:

  • But one has to stay away from buying immediately and do proper checks as below:
  • Sometimes the offers may seem very attractive.
  • Find the land for sale should be free from water logging problems during the rainy seasons.
  • The land for sale should be free from overhead cables.
  • The areas where equal importance is given for both daytime safety and nighttime safety are considered the best residential land in Chennai. In modern culture, both husband and wife are working.
  • Most of the houses remain locked during the daytime.
  • There are some areas in Chennai where the selling land for sale will get affected frequently by natural calamities like cyclones and floods.
  • There are some areas where the land for sale has severe water shortage problems.
  • The AUTHENTIC  APPROVALS to be checked. The land for sale area should be free from legal disputes. Verify the CMDA/DTCP approvals are perfect.
  • The perfect documents with all the necessary deed approvals make one choose the perfect land.


  • People forecast and concentrate on areas that satisfy their today’s needs and which will give more hope for tomorrow’s growth.
  • Chennai is expanding in all directions. As the city expands to include the suburbs and the areas beyond, plot seekers have multiple options to choose the plots for sale in Chennai.
  • The people prefer the land for sale which ensures the modern-day conveniences for a coveted lifestyle with all basic facilities.
  • The commutation with excellent proper connectivity to all the vital places in Chennai is great.
  • The good commutation and improved socio-economic conditions increase the land value in Chennai.
  • We hope this article would be more insightful for every reader to have a list of factors to understand before choosing land in Chennai.

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