The Best Ways to Utilize Low Budget Simple House Design

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Low Budget Simple House Design

Generally speaking, if a person likes to build a house in the cheapest way, First of all, Plan for the entire place of the Square or Rectangular land. By doing this the person has simplified the house designs.

If you are concerned about the square or rectangular shaped house don’t worry, it will make an exterior design more exciting with Lighting, Shutters, and landscaping Decorations.

Another part of the classical look of the house is hidden in the roof. In fact, there are plenty of roof designs that will transform your low budget home into a Hi-Fi look.

Moreover, in this article, I will share some tips on how to build a low budget simple house design and make its exterior designs seem like a modern house.

Low Budget Simple House Design - Single Floor

Low Budget Simple House Design
  • When we Build a Low Budget simple house design Single Floor it totally consists of a Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom with Attached Toilet Bathroom, Common Toilet Bathroom and Outer range of Staircase.
  • It is totally covered with below 600sq.ft
  • The Living Room is exactly 174 square feet in area and 15’6”x11’9 “in size. It has two windows, one on the front and another one on the right. The total budget is under 12,00,000/- only
  • The Kitchen is 48 square feet in area and 8’x6’ in size. It has one window on the Front Side the position of this will be considered as Vastu Shastra
  • The Bedroom is Approximately 146 square feet in area and 11’2”x 11’ in size. It has one window on the Right side top and in the bedroom also one attached toilet bathroom its 4’x5’8” in Size
  • Common Toilet Bathroom is exactly 20 square feet in area and 4′ x 5’ in size and in the Top it has ventilation facilities
  • Finally, these are the Low Budget Single Floor House Design, it is also known as Vastu house Design or Vastu House Plan

Low Budget Simple House Design - Modern 3 Bedroom

  • Is it possible to have a 3 bedroom house on a low budget simple house design, Yeah, it is possible. How do you think that is? I will explain the answer to your question below
  • Instead of getting frustrated with the amount you have, build your house the way you want it and keep what you have. Use some tricks
  • Small land should not be a barrier to your dream home, make your home beautiful and comfortable with property arrangement
  • On small land, you should focus on one area of the living room with the dining area, because it is the place where the family gathers and chats with your dear family and friends.
  • Furthermore, when building a modern 3 bedroom house on a low budget it has a total of 7 partitions
        1. 1 Car Porch
        2. 1 Kitchen
        3. 1 Living Room
        4. 3 Bedrooms
        5. 1 Common Toilet
  • It is totally covered with 1183 square feet
  • The Living Room is exactly 276.3 square feet in area and 13’9”x 20’1″ in size. It has two windows, one on the front and another one on the right. The total budget is under 23,60,000/- only
  • The Kitchen is 100 square feet in area and 10′ x 10’ in size. It has one window on the Front Side
  • The 1st Bedroom is Approximately 157 square feet in area and 10’x 11’4’’ in size in the bedroom. Also one attached toilet bathroom is 5′ x 4′ in Size. It has one window. 2nd Bedroom is totally 9’7’’ x 10’ It has one window and also one attached toilet bathroom is 4’1’’ x 6′ in Size in the bedroom, 3rd Bedroom is total of 103 square feet in area
  • Common Toilet Bathroom is exactly 30 square feet in area and 7’6’’ x 4’ in size and in the Top it has ventilation facilities

Village House Low Budget Village Single Floor Home Front Design

  • Every human being in the universe has different types of dreams in which the most common dream is a home, a home for their own expectations, security and comfort mainly suited to their budget.
  • The origin point is to create the floor plan of the house, if you are starting the house on a low budget, keep in mind to plan the square or rectangular shape.
  • Another option to build your village house on a low budget is to choose a single-story unit and extend it to two or three bedrooms.
  • In case you choose Single-story units, the most important features have to include a living room, separate kitchen with dining area, two bedrooms with attached toilet and a common bathroom.
  • Focus mainly on the roof designs in rural houses, the village house is also called the traditional house.
  • Also, I recommend some of the low budget house design.
Low Budget Simple House Design

Two Roof Low Budget Simple House Design

Two Pillars in the Entrance Design

Two Stop House Designs with Surrounded by Trees

Three-Sided House Design

High Roof House Design

Unbalance Roof House Design

Semi-modern home Design

Town to Village House Design

Simple Twilight House Design

Modern Vintage Low Budget simple house design

Low Budget Simple House Design

  • Is it possible to build a house on a low budget? Experts say it is not possible to build a house on a low budget simple house design because the price of building materials is soaring everyday, many people have lost their jobs and income in this pandemic situation.
  • Products such as bricks, cement, metal, steel rods, and timber cannot be purchased for less than the market price. So where to spend, there to spent, where to cut costs, there to cut.
  • But here are some tips to consider when building a dream home, Initially to think about affordable budget amenities.
  • The first and foremost thing is to choose the right and suitable land or plot for your residence. choose based on the count of family members.
  • Moreover, the building should not spoil the ecological balance of the locality.
  • Pursuing that, go to make a better plan for your level of budget and designs. Then need to choose a material for your house with the correct particles.
  • Unnecessary costs are minimized when there is a clear and proper plan.Before beginning the construction keep the amount aside for the required works.
  • Must keep in mind it is impossible to complete the construction by staying within the planned budget, At least you need to keep 25% of the amount as additional savings before the construction began.
  • It is very important to choose the right product, whether you want to buy tiles for your home, choose durable and elegant tiles, the price of which is Rs.20 / – to Rs.25 / – or Rs.40 / – to Rs.50 / – Ceramic tiles are also available
  • Do not look for luxury or branding when buying accessories, because even the most expensive items are broken in 6 months, so choose based on the quality of the product.

For More Specification Visit this Page : Construction Specifications

These things should be considered before building low budget simple house design and houses

  1. Thinking of taking the model of other people’s houses, as well as building. It will be a backfire.
  2. They have an idea to build huge abodes with several rooms for a small family, it would definitely be a bad idea. Moreover, this type of house takes more maintenance, at that time they are worried about maintenance.
  3. So, building a big house is not a big deal and maintaining it will speak for thousands of years.
  4. Even if have a small low budget house design, dreaming to build a house like a Bill Gates house, which will go bankrupt after building a bigger house, so, build a house that is small and for your convenience.
  5. Availability of goods is very important, make sure that the selected products are easily available in the local area because moving goods from one area to another is not a financially good idea and it will absorb your money.
  6. Before starting construction, visit local stores and inquire about the price of the goods and services available, a transport facility. And it is not wise to choose low-quality products to save money.

Low Budget Simple House Design

  1. For the past 2 years, people have been craving rooms with spacious homes due to the epidemic situation They move out of crowded apartments, they move to their hometown, some work from home.
  2. So choose a suitable and comfortable home for you and your family members. It is not for those around you to see the house or get feedback from them, the only person living in that house is you and your family ask for opinions from them only.
  3. Low budget house design are mostly wise and make very spacious for each and every partition of rooms.
  4. It might be possible with the proper structure of the construction and also depends on the builder of the Construction companies in Chennai.
  5. No longer will any designs decorate your home, the joy and comfort of your home will make the whole family happy.

Low Budget farm house India

  • Farm houses are used as vacation homes or second homes, one with family cannot live on the farm house, it was not created for that sake.
  • If you need to construct a farmhouse on your land, first of all, ask for government approval of Local Panchayat.
  • From the initial stage of Farm Land, 1 acre of land will be required and more than crores will have to be spent on it.
  • In spite of the Covid situation, to create a farmhouse in 600sq.ft, it cost up to 2.5crores. Buying Farmhouse is the old strategy, Renovating it and sell for Profit is New Investment trend on low budget house design.
  • Are you Planning to Build a farmhouse? You can build farmland on a very low budget house design with this type of Materials.
        1. Wood and Wood Materials
        2. Sheets with Shed
        3. Stone and Bricks
  • Need to Know more details about the Farm Land Just Go through this article Farm land for sale.

8 Tips to Build Low budget simple house design

  1. The process of Recycling the old materials to build your low budget house.
  2. Square or Rectangular Box shape of House building.
  3. Make Changes in the Exterior Roof and floor designs.
  4. D-I-Y Method also makes your cost to be lower.
  5. Instead of using Concrete floor, Ceramic tiles or Stones keep using of Cement Floor it will down your cost.
  6. Using cement walls rather than using ceramic tiles also brings Maintenance-Free.
  7. Usage of pallets for walls is also an effective cost management.
  8. In ancient times, bamboo was used to build a low budget house. Likewise, bamboo is now widely used by some interior designers for flooring or Roofing and ceiling materials. People also commonly use Bamboo. It is also good for health.

Let us Fetch to the Conclusion

  • Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by the amount of money you spend on its interior low budget simple house design. This will make you spend the entire savings on this house only, so make a plan to reduce your costs for the house and its designs.
  • Similarly, you have a very small amount, but you expect to build your house with beautiful designs, which is possible or not, your messing with these thoughts.
  • If you have any doubts regarding NFBD refer this link for your clarification trustmeter
  • I assure you that it is definitely possible, with just 1 lakh of cash in your hand Namma Family Builder and Developer Pvt.Ltd., will build your dream home with your expectations.


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