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Are you searching and looking to invest in plots in Chennai? There are many options of Plots for sale in Chennai. But investing in plots and buying plots to build a house are two different things!

People always craze Real Estate as an Investment Option. In same the way, plots or lands hold the top priority on Real estate investment categories. So, it is mandated for every investor to look at the key parameters to buy lands or plots.

In this article, It is explained easy investment options for how to identify and buy a plot for investment to eventually meet a life goal.

1. Why You Should buy plots for sale in Chennai?

Plots in Chennai make great financial sense to invest in plots. Chennai is one of the metropolitan cities and 2nd largest contribution to India’s GDP. Many Industrialization, Information Technology, and Infrastructure projects are aiming to launch in Chennai.

The investor invests his Spare or excess money in the plot and waits for a few years later to earn a high ROI (Return on Investment) ie, Retirement, Children’s marriage, Education, or any other financial need.

One of the current hotspots for plots for sale in Chennai is Guduvanchery. Buying plots in guduvanchery has many amenities and advantages.

Investing over the next and current developing areas with all reasonable amenities is the best one in real estate investment.

2. Quality of Developer for resale:

If you looking for plots for sale in Chennai must give the primary criteria for a professional quality developer and builder Agency. The Real estate agency which has predominant experience in the resale of plots and lands are your best service providers

There will be clear documentation and a Great appreciation idea for the developer’s plot. Great appreciation are forecasted according to

  • Location
  • Current facilities
  • Upcoming facilities

3. Gated Community

If you are looking for plots for sale in Chennai, the plot must be in ready-to-move condition.

It should have a proper,

  • Road facility
  • Water facility
  • Drainage facility

Before investing check if the Plot is surrounded by all basic and high-class facilities with good security.

Considering these all facilities, there will be a great appreciation for resale value in the future. Whenever we invest in any material, the ROI (Return on Investment) will be a major concern.

The Best Builder Namma Family Builder & Developer Pvt. Ltd. Only choose the Resale plots which have high resale value. This will be good to invest call.

4. Ready to build plots

A plot with ready piping connections to provisions for drainage, provisions for electricity, provisions for metro water is called ready to build plots.

If you buy the plots with these facilities It is more advantageous for investment and resaleable in the future for no waiting period for these connections.

5. Buy Larger Sized Plots

An investor needs to buy a plot at least a minimum of 1000 Square feet for an investment purpose.

Because for resale in the future there will be a great demand for larger sized plots, the lower sized plots will be in a tough category for resale.

So, an investor needs to invest in plots for sale in Chennai for a larger size.

6. Buy CMDA or DTCP Approved Plots

Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA)

Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP)

An investor needs to Invest only with CMDA or DTCP Approved plots and don’t consider other approvals.

An investor needs to visit the site physically and go to a lawyer to check legal documentation, correct developer name, proper sanctions of the plan, correct site name, and check the site with Proper Title.

7. Price decision

Don’t get confused by Price Per Sq. Ft, a surrounded locality will differ the price according to the location, current facilities, and upcoming facilities in the area.

An investor needs to always be ready with an excess premium amount for investment in the plot.

8. Measure the plot

When you are investing in the plot, measure the width and length of the plot on your own measurement.

By an investor, you have every right to check the size and proper title of the plot.


  • This article may be helpful to you for easy investment options in Chennai
  • Namma Family Builder & Developer Pvt. ltd offers you residential plots and commercial plots for the best investment.
  • These plots are surrounded by all the high-class facilities that you need and desire. Our Ongoing projects and new projects are the right areas for you to invest in to get a high profit in the future.
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