A Systematic Approach To Select The Best plots for sale In chennai south

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  • It is a universal truth that there is no fixed life term for living beings of all nature.
  • This kind of natural uncertainty on life term makes human beings plan well ahead whatever is the best possible in the world for the welfare of the future of their dependents in the family.
  • Maximum the plots for sale in chennai south are considered as a one-time purchase for lifetime requirement.
  • A perfect place for perfect living is very important.
  • In today’s scenario, people want their everyday living to be more comfortable and easy.
  • A real estate purchase is an investment decision and a lifestyle enhancement.
  • South Chennai has been the most preferred due to the well-integrated network of connectivity, the successful launch of the metro rail & rapid developments that have been taking place.
  • The tremendous improvement in the social and civic infrastructure of the outskirts of the south initiated a prosperous growth in the plots for sale in South Real Estate Market.
  • The great advantage in real estate investments is the possibility to get the manifold of money in a specific period of time with minimum risks. 
  • The best builder in Chennai, realized the untapped potential of South Chennai and concentrated well & extended good service for the selection of best plots for sale in chennai South.

ARROW OF QUESTIONS IS THE BEST PROPERTY – plots for sale in chennai south

The application of rational thinking is very essential. The questions to be answered are as below

  • What price will be comfortable to invest in and make money in the future? 
  • Whether it is for short-term gains or long-term Gains?
  • What is the allocated budget for the affordable range of the property?
  • What are the available bank loan facilities?
  • What will be the interest rates?
  • What is the duration of the loan period, rate of interest, the EMI terms?

      For proper planning, one has to go through the pros and cons of all the available brilliant options and select the best one which suits the requirements. The basic parameters used for the selection of the best investment method are the investment amount, the period of investment, and the tolerable level of risk. Real estate investments are the best ones for the people who are really brilliant to do the best with their available resources.

A Friend In Need Is a Friend In Deed.

Real Estate Agents Are An Important Partner – Selecting The Best Builder

  •  The importance and the need of primary study
  • Proper homework is to be done for the perfect journey in real estate investments to realize the best benefits.
  • A fair knowledge of the real estate market is essential to feel the worth and decide about the best choice. 
  • Take enough time to go through the websites, newspapers, and magazines to select a list of the best real estate agents.
  • Exhaustive research of the pros and cons of the plots for sale area is required for making the right kind of investment.
  • The best real estate agents are very familiar with the plots for sale in chennai south areas and they constantly update their knowledge about the real estate market.
  • They have excellent negotiation skills.
  • They quickly understand our needs and prepare a list that will match our needs with their available properties for the selection of the best plot for sale.    

Procrastination Is A Thief Of Successful Investment

  • The right kind of investment at the right place at the right time is a very important and most required thing.
  • It is always better to focus on the familiar areas which we have already heard of instead of wasting much time on totally new and unfamiliar areas.
  • It is wise to keep aside the plots for sale in developed areas.
  • The plots for sale in the developing areas are good with potential for all kinds of future developments.
  • Particularly, the developing areas of the outskirts of south Chennai are providing much scope with large square feet areas at favorable rates with essential amenities.
  • Some plots for sale in chennai south areas have an exception that they may have excellent recognition even in dull market conditions.
  • Timing is very important. Plan for the right time and get time on your side to realize the benefits of the market urge.

Purpose Of Purchase

  • The investment on land is the best investment with more hopes and scopes for the manifold of money within a specific period of time with minimum risk.
  • Always, the elders of a family always have a tendency to leave a legacy behind to the children and grandchildren of the family for their welfare in the future. 
  • The purpose may be for the retirement life, the children’s education, marriages, and other future financial commitments. 
  • Many people look for a valued possession for today’s money and retain it as the best investment for the future.
  • Some people purchase with the idea of constructing a home for immediate occupation and save the money spent for the rental purpose.
  • Some people purchase property for an investment to generate income rather than using it only for own house purpose.
  • For short-term gains, the flats are a good choice for better realization.
  • For long-term gains, the plots are a good choice due to the possibility of very good value appreciation of plots in the future.
  • Investment to a bright future of the family. 
  • Many people use real estate investments with the goal to put the money today and allow it to increase so that they may get manifold in the future.

Merits Should Be In Our Favour – Need Of Thorough Inspection

  • Right price, right location, and right choice.
  • Discover what sets us apart to select the right one.
  • The plots for sale in chennai south must have immense potential to become a much sought-after residential locality.
  • The basic need for the plot investment differs for different categories of people at different stages of life. 
  • The careful selection of the best plots for sale areas is good for long-term wealth and good prospects.
  • Study the location thoroughly and carefully.
  • The residential developing areas in south Chennai with fresh air, good ventilation, and potable water quality possibilities are good for healthy living. 
  • The plots for a sale area with a front directly facing the street/road are highly preferable.
  • Plots for sale areas in the South with quick and easy commutation from one location to another location are very much appreciated.
  • The existence of proper connections for electricity, metro water, and drainage disposal is highly preferable.
  • The plots with elevated road access to public roads/streets/pathways are good for commutation and free from waterlogging during the rainy season.
  • Elevated blacktop roads with adequate LED Street light systems with properly erected lamp posts at proper places will enhance the easy mobility of pedestrians, vehicles during the night time and also the safety of the area.
  • The hub nature & the strategic location of the outskirts of  South Chennai strengthen the mobility and accessibility to all essential places.
  • The proximity to schools, colleges, hospitals, the industrial hub, and the presence of all kinds of need-satisfying shops make the plots for sale one of the most sought-after locality.


Some of the Schools/Colleges/Hospitals of reputed nature in South Chennai are as below:

  • SRM School
  • Vellammal Vidhyasaram
  • Sankara Vidyalaya School
  • SRM Engineering/SRM Medical College
  • Sathya Sai Medical College
  • SRM Medical College & Hospital
  • Deepam Hospital
  • K.R. Hospital
  • Balaji Hospital   


Well connected by roads and railway services is very important. The proper connectivity to OMR Road, Maraimalai Nagar road, GST road, and Outer ring road are really helpful for the commutation of working people in South Chennai.

  • The ongoing conversion of 40 feet GST – OMR Road to 100feet 4 Lane road will stimulate the increase in the commutation of all transports in this area.
  • Availability of all modes of transport facilities is good. The presence of local bus terminals and suburban railway services are good in south Chennai.
  • The airport is well within the South Zone & the upcoming Airport II will satisfy international flight services.
  • The upcoming CMBT Bus terminal at Urapakkam will enhance the business development & growth of South Chennai.
  • The new Metro & Monorail projects will enhance the demand for plots for sale in chennai south.
  • Metro water provision for individual plots is highly appreciable.
  • The presence of proper sewage connection for individual plots is a good system for easy disposal of wastes.
  • Some plots for sale areas have communication line provisions. 
  • Some plots for sale areas have immense potential to become a much sought-after residential locality.
  • Plots for sale in chennai south is a self-sustained township, ( in a place ) surrounded by all that we need is great.
  • Some plots for sale area ensures the possibility for enough sunlight and ventilation enabling a healthy lifestyle.
  • Availability of potable groundwater within 20 – 30 feet in the outskirts of South Chennai.
  • The wise decision is to prefer developing areas of South Chennai instead of developed areas in Chennai.

Do Proper Workout And Negotiation – Close The Sale

  • Great care and application of mind in the initial real estate investment are required to realize better future prospects and enjoy the hidden opportunities.
  • Market assessment valuation: the market value of a property is the highest price that the buyer would be willing to pay, and the seller would be willing to accept. This concept must be well applied in our transactions.
  • In some areas, there is a possibility for a difference in the square feet rates of the plots in the same area.
  • People should not mind the difference of Rs.300 – Rs.400 between the plots in the same area and accept the premium for the worthy nature of plots for the sale area.
  • The development scopes are good in plots for sale areas where the working people and young people are in large numbers. This is highly possible in the outskirts of south Chennai.
  • The plots for sale areas that ensure a healthy lifestyle with all kinds of amenities are the most sought after.


The presence of a good number of mahals for family functions & some of the famous are as below:

  • S.P.Mahal
  • SSK Mahal
  • SRS Mahal
  • NPR Mahal
  • ACS Mahal
  • ZUBI Mahal

The MORE Supermarket & K.K.Supermarkets satisfy the grocery needs of the elite people. Some of the plots for sale areas are exceptional and fetch an excellent profit even in dull market situations. Some plots for sale areas have a good scope for exponential growth in the IT & Electronic industry.

The reputed Companies in the South is as below:

  • Accenture
  • ZOHO
  • TCS
  • Cognizant
  • Infosys

It is always wise to prefer the plots for sale areas that are selling much below the market value and which will get much above the market value in the future.

  • It is a must/better to keep away from the false and luring. assurances/commitments of unfamiliar real estate agents. 
  • The service of real estate agents who are capable of favoring the best deal for both the buyer and seller is highly appreciable in the negotiation and finalization of the plots for the sale process.

The Possible Demerits Against Us

  • The possibilities for encroachment should be checked and avoided by properly placing the survey stones at the four corners and fencing.
  • Should not get lured by false assurances in the advertisements.
  • Sometimes the assured dimensions may differ from actual dimensions in plots for sale area. A personnel visit to the site is necessary to check the authenticity of the plots for the sale area and find out whether the dimensions are correct.
  • It is better by using a concerned person for checking the measurements at the site in our presence. 
  • Sometimes false FSI factor problems will arise. Check the FSI factor for the actual construction purpose of the total square feet area.
  • Don’t prefer lands of agricultural nature. The task of getting the land conversion certificate is a tough one.
  • Keep aside the plots of irregular sizes and shapes.
  • In irregular size plots, the possibility of wastage of money will happen.
  • In irregular shape plots, the leveling of the plot area will be an additional expenditure to the buyer. 
  • Don’t go by the oral false assurances of large square feet areas for a very low value. Check the authentic details for verification.
  • Be specific about plots for sale areas that frequently get affected by natural calamities of floods and cyclones. The threat for life is to be considered.
  • Being lethargic to use the right time and losing the time on your side to realize the benefits of the market urge.

Stay Away Factors To Be Considered

  • It is a must/better to keep away from the false and luring advertisements of unfamiliar real estate agents. 
  • Sometimes the environmental issues of long-term nature like contaminated water supply systems, improper sewage systems, low-voltage power supply problems, etc… will be there.
  • The struggle and fight may continue for years together.
  • The environments of noisy neighbors, loud neighborhoods, and dirty surroundings will spoil the peace of mind and become an everyday headache.
  • It is best to stay away/keep away from such plot areas.
  • Checking these issues beforehand saves more expenses in the future.

Fear Is The Key – Be Firm On Authentic Documents

  • Most real estate investments are made with hard-earned money.
  • People should have the fear about secured investment with authentic documents.
  • Transparency of documents is very important.
  • Be sure about being free from legal issues. 


  • The investment on land is the best investment with more hopes and scopes for the manifold of money within a specific period of time with minimum risk.
  • The investment in Plots for sale in chennai south will fetch a very good yield.
  • In Guduvanchery, the growth is tremendous to satisfy the needs of all categories of people. 
  • The availabilities of all essentials making life in Guduvanchery more comfortable & enjoyable.
  • The momentum for plots for sale in GUDUVANCHERY, SOUTH CHENNAI is great


Namma Family Builder & Developer Pvt. Ltd. being one of the top real estate agents in Guduvanchery, Chennai has launched many projects in Guduvanchery to support home seekers find the best destination for leading a sophisticated lifestyle.

If you have any plans to buy a property in Guduvachery, you can reach ( +91 8939222270 ) our team at any time. We are always ready to extend our full support and excellent service to you!

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