Top 10 Best Real Estate Investment Places In Chennai

Top 10 Best Real Estate Investment Places In Chennai
  • Chennai has expanded far & wide with new land additions.
  • An investor should be very careful in making investments in the lands.
  • The focus on long-term yields while investing in Real Estate very essential.
  • The condition of the market & demands plays a significant role in the real estate business.
  • The return on investment is a major factor in determining the profitability of real estate investment.
  • Generally, the return on investment is very high in commercial properties.
  • If we are very particular about stable income, then rental properties are highly profitable.  
  • proper care has to be taken to avoid wrong investments 

Essential Features Of The Best Real Estate Investment

● Good Location
● Purchase Price
● Small Flaws
● Low Maintenance Cost & Care
● Good Rent-to-price Ratio
● Low Vacancy Rates
● Long-term Appeal
● Fast Turnaround From Purchase To Renting
● Multiple Industry-dependent Nature.

1. Good Location

  • Good location mainly depends on the purpose of purchase & category to be targeted
  • The purpose of purchase is long-term yields & very good return on investments.
  • Each target category has its own preferences.

    For example,

  • Families prefer the proximity to schools, Colleges, essentials & also nearby leisure facilities.
  • The working category prefers the proximity to workplaces & connectivity, mobility & transport facilities.
  • The location should have growth potential of solid infrastructure with proper backup of planned improvements.
  • The location should be ideal for healthy local businesses & should cater to the need of high educational facilities.
  • The location should have good public transportation systems.
  • The location should have clearly marked access to public streets/roads/pathways.
  • If the location is situated with a front directly on the street/road, it’s better.
  • The rapidly developing infrastructure, robust connectivity, and the growth of IT/ITes establishment are highly appreciable.

2. Purchase Price

  • The money matters the most. The property’s true value is the intrinsic value.
  • The yield & growth potential determines the true value of a property.
  • A good deal is a deal where the purchase price is lesser than the property’s intrinsic value.

3. Small Flaws

  • There is no doubt that flawless properties are always good.
  • But at the same time, we can accept small flaws to garner high-level profit in the future.
  • The care should be taken to see that the small flaws must be a fairly quick fix.
  • The flaws must require very less quick fix time consuming with less money expenditure.
  • It is a good way to quickly fix & makes less attractive to be more attractive & improve the property value.

4. Low Maintenace Cost & Care

  • The low maintenance cost & care gives great relief to investors.

5. A Good Rent-to -Price Ratio

  • The right rent-to-price ratio can help you to figure out how to offer the right rent.
  • The renters have the tendency to weigh up the pros & cons of renting Vs buying.
  • Generally, rent of 5 % or less of the property purchase price is good.
  • If it exceeds 5 %, we may end up charging too much & automatically it will lower the demand for the property.

6. Low Vacancy Rates