Tamilnadu Property Expo 2023 - A Business Festival in Chennai 

Tamilnadu Property Expo 2023- Namma Family Builder

Tamilnadu Property Expo 2023

  • When the deities leave the temple and come to the people gathering places for the benefit of devotees who come to see him throughout the year, we call it a festival.
  • Similarly, a trade fair is a business festival where companies and traders from the industry meet together at one place and the companies directly communicate all their specialties to the users.
  •  Recently the Tamilnadu Property Expo 2023 was held on May 12, May 13, and May 14 at Chennai Trade Centre, Nandampakgam, Chennai.
  •  It was the first time that NFBD participated in the Trade fair event. It was a successful attempt for the NFBD and the response was good from the users.
  • The first commercial launch of the NFBD trade was a complete success with full recognition from the buyers. Totally 42 companies from the real estate sector participated in this Trade fair and the presence of the NFBD was felt very much.
  • The NFBD stands out as a unique company that had achieved remarkable growth and progress in just a few years. The uniqueness was felt very much among the giants with many years of experience in the real estate industry.

The Importance & The Impact Of Trade Fair

  •  In a Trade fair, companies of similar business nature assemble together at a common Trade Hall. Groups of different business natures occupy the common Trade Hall.
  •  A separate stall will be allocated for each participant to display their product. Each participant will use the stall to display their product in an excellent way. The participants will list their products and their benefits to highlight the strength of their products.
  •  The participants arrange the stalls and attract interested buyers to visit their sites directly. And also each participant will repute the best product knowledge employees in their stall for better communication with the visiting people.
  •  It will help the buyers to visit the stalls directly for better analysis and for selection of the best ones with the guidance of the reputed company people.
  •  It will encourage the buyers to explore the best opportunities in a state of clarity. It builds confidence and develops long-term understanding.
  •  The Trade fair provides the best opportunity for each participating company to find out the performance of competing companies in their industry, the latest market trends, the market share, and opportunities for future growth.
  •  Each participating company can use the opportunity to get the best partners for Collaboration in their business. This trade fair program will generate a lot of inquiries and leads to the best commercial results in the upcoming days. 

Main Objectives Of NFBD For The Participation In The Trade Fair

Tamilnadu Property Expo 2023- Namma Family Builder
  • To create very much awareness among the buyers about NFBD’s presence in the field of real estate industry.
  • To target new customers and make a pitch to untapped segments,  and potential customers.
  • To have direct communication and interaction with the customers. It is mainly to get direct feedback from buyers, visitors, and customers.
  • To clearly indicate the NFBD-Company’s position in the real estate market and highlight NFBD – strength.
  • To improve trust and happiness by arranging the best site visit along with the right marketing person of the NFBD company. It is mainly to enhance the Customer’s Hope and get a satisfied happy booking.
  • To retain NFBD customers through a proper unique approach by exhibiting the best attitude.
  • To improve the good business of NFBD by using this opportunity to increase sales.
  • To get the best Collaboration partners for NFBD. Take advantage to mingle with all the similar-nature companies and selecting the best for business partners.

Excellent Trade Show Planning And Successful Operations By NFBD

Tamilnadu Property Expo 2023- Namma Family Builder
  • To achieve the future goals in a planned manner the NFBD felt the need for Trade fair participation and the NFBD decided to make its presence felt in the May 12, May 13, and May 14 Tamilnadu Property Expo 2023.
  • First of all the NFBD allocated the required budget and choose the right Tamilnadu Property Expo 2023 which was held on May 12, May 13, and May 14 at Chennai Trade Centre, Nandampakgam, Chennai.
  • Then the NFBD started the promotion activity for their exhibition program regularly through appropriate and necessary advertisements.
  • The NFBD selected appropriate NFBD staff and well-trained them with the best project knowledge and a good attitude.
  • To get the best customer attention, the NFBD identified the best place and selected the one directly opposite and very near to the Trade Fair Hall. This ideal location makes the people see and notice as soon as they enter the trade fair hall.
  • The NFBD took two stalls measuring 20′ x 20′ square feet and combined them to form a 40′ x 20′ stall.
  • The NFBD 40′ x 20′ stall stood well with its unique and rich appeal design.
  • The NFBD used a 10′ x 3′ table to give a clear model view of its company at Guduvanchery and the sites owned by the NFBD company.
  • Also, the 40′ x 20′ NFBD stall was equipped with audiovisual equipment
  • The NFBD used excellent stands, materials, and brochures/lists.
  • A Lady Customer Support Executive was present inside the Stall to instantly provide the necessary information such as booking, billing, agreement, etc. with the help of a laptop.
  • Every day the Stall was well supervised and well maintained by three Managing Directors in rotation of shifts.


  • The NFBD received more than 500+ enquiries through the three-day Tamilnadu Property Expo 2023 program.
  • The level of confidence about the future progress of the NFBD gets enhanced among the NFBD company staff as well as the buyers.
  • The continuing incoming calls and inquiries confirm the awareness of the NFBD among the buyers in the market through the Tamilnadu Property Expo 2023 program.