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Applying for Patta Chitta Online : A Brief On Patta

Patta is an important document required to proceed with any transaction involving land. It is a legal document obtained from the Tahsildar office in the name of the actual owner of the land. The patta is an important record of claiming ownership of a piece of land. The Patta number is a four digit number located in the middle of the document. Patta number is available in the official land record website of Tamil Nadu. We  can also visit the Tahsilder’s office to know our Patta number.

The permanent  patta and the  temporary patta are the two different types of pattas offered by the TN government.  The TN government allots this to TN people and the rules regarding the patta land vary from State to State.

The following details are listed in the Patta:

  1. Name of district, taluk and village
  2. Belt no
  3. Name of Owner
  4. Survey number and subdivision shows
  • Land area and tax details
  • Is it wetland or dry land?
  • Patta can be checked online

Applying for Patta Chitta Online : A Brief On Chitta

The area of ​​the land, name of the property owner, type of land etc. will be mentioned in Chitta. The Chitta is a land revenue registry.  In Tamil Nadu the responsibility for maintaining the document rests with the Village Administrative Officer (VAO) and the office in the taluk.

Details in Patta Chitta Online Document

TN Patta, Chitta document which are considered important documents for property ownership in Tamilnadu can also be viewed on Online. TN Patta, Chitta document can also be obtained on Online. Key details of Patta and Chitta Online Paper are

  1. Owner Name
  2. Survey no of the property
  3. Survey No. and Subdivision
  4. Patta Size (Patta Chitta Download)
  5. Name of owner’s district, village and taluka
  6. Property dimensions
  7. Tax details of the property
  8. Type of land (dry or wetland)
  9. Chitta land tenure.

Importance of TN Patta Chitta Online

Fraud prevention/authority verification

With TN Patta Chitta, property buyers can check ownership of property owners before purchasing property. This will prevent Tamil Nadu land records containing unauthorized contracts or fraudulent transactions.


TN Patta Chitta is a clear government document with transparency.  Apart from this no further verification is required.

Drawing Format

Being created and presented in an drawing format helps property owners to have all their land related details (Tamil Nadu Land Records) at once.

Saves Time

Getting all the information related to the property in a single TN Patta Chitta document helps to save the time.

For Easy loan approval

Banks approve home loan applications easily if TN Patta Chitta Document (Tamil Nadu Land Records) is provided along with all required documents for loan approval.

Possibility For Real time updates

TN Patta Chitta document will be updated real-time once the property is registered in the name of the new owner. It happens automatically. This is a real time updated document. We can get updated TN Patta and Chitta Document Copy from official website of TN Patta and Chitta.

How to Apply Patta Chitta Online in Tamil Nadu

Online Application Process

Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta website is available in both english & tamil  languages.

Step 1

Visit official website of TN Patta Chitta Online @ Visit and click on “View Patta Chitta” option (Tamil Nadu Land Records) under the head ‘View Patta Copy/A-Register Extract’.

Step 2

Select the Taluk, City, District, Area Type, Ward, Block, Survey Number and Sub-Division Number information  from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Enter the authentication value and then click submit. You can take a print out of the certificate with the property details. All information is available online.

Applying for Patta Chitta Online : Details Of Patta exchange method

  • A change of lease is done at the time of sale of the property.
  • Patta migration is closely related to the Patta land registration process.
  • Documents Required for Replacement Process
  1. Sale Deed (Photocopy)
  2. Water or electricity bill for proof of ownership
  3. Burden Certificate
  4. A confession
  5. Previous property tax receipts

A copy of the sale deed should be submitted to the Tahsildar office for authentication.

The Patta Chitta Transfer application can be submitted at Common Service Centers (CSC) across Tamil Nadu. To make a transfer application, a fee of Rs.60 per belt transfer application is required. Once you apply, you can track the status on the e-service website.

How to Check TN Patta Chitta Online

Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta website is available in both english & tamil language for the purpose of applying for patta chitta online.

A user can easily check the validity status of TN Patta, Chitta online by following the below mentioned steps.

Step 1

Must visit official website of TN Patta Chitta Online @

Step 2

You have to click on the ‘Application Status’ button on the left bottom side of the page.

Step 3

You have to enter the Application ID and Authentication value on the redirected page.

Step 4

 A captcha code must be entered.

Step 5

Click on Get Status button. Patta Chitta’s status is currently displayed online.

How to Change Name in Patta Chitta Online

To change names in offline we have to use the below mentioned name change process steps.

Step 1

Get the Patta Transfer Form from the Taluk or Village Administration Office.

Step 2

Fill the required details in the form and submit the duly signed application to the office. It takes 15 to 30 days to get a new one with changes.

Applying for Patta Chitta Online : Automated land patta system

A automated land patta system was launched in TN on 18.01.2023. This new software will function in a systematic way.

If a person purchases a plot in DTCP or CMDA approved layout, the title assigned to the property will be transferred to the new owner automatically.  The title change (patta) of a property will be reflected online within a few minutes after registration of the property.