Essentially Need to Know the Facts About Types of Land

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The Land is the most important factor in the universe, next to the water. All living things in the universe are above ground. The land is essential and when we use dry land for gardening it appears to be a garden. We turn vacant land into a hospital, school, college, or living quarters that look like what we built on it. India is the 7th Largest Country in the world

 A man can use the land for various purposes such as mining, agriculture, forestry, building houses, roads, and setting up factories. Before buying land one should know its purpose because if you buy land for commercial purposes in a residential area it causes noise pollution, air pollution, etc. will affect the surrounding people.

Humans can not live without water and food, this order includes healthy land and soil, and they can do all economic activities only on land.

Living things in the world cannot live without the four main sectors

1. Water

2. Food

3. Shelter and

4. Place

And these are all the factors man can get from the land itself.

Uses of Land in Chennai

  • Nowadays India’s population increasing rapidly, In this status the growth of Commercial lands, Residential lands, and farmland for sale also getting boom
  • Knowing about the types of land is not a big deal, the foremost thing is to understand the utilization of the land types
  • The land is a Primary wealth for a human being, and utilization of the land will vary. Like Establishing an Industry, Shop, Farming, or whatever the sources will depend on the land itself.
  • Buying plots in Chennai will increase the value and it is the best place for investment in the Tamilnadu
  • The Land will be used in many Categories Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, Transportation, Recreation, and Mining, In this statement, natural resources always bring benefits to a human being
  • The Land is in immeasurable prosperity, once buying land in Chennai, after the long term it brings 2times profit, it is a huge hidden investment for the next generation
  • In front of buying a plot has to contact the finest builders in Chennai because there are lots of fraudulent realtors and double document holders, it is very crucial in advance of checking legal documents for buying a plot

So now let us know the types of land and enlighten ourselves

Types of Land in the Universe

1. Residential or Urban Land

  • Nowadays residential lands are covered by human basic needs and facilities surrounded by school zones, college zones, campuses, stationery stores, grocery stores, textile shops, some industries, parks, children’s playgrounds, and many more. A lot of apartments are covered over the area called residential areas
  • However, the ancient residential land was 100 meters or 200 meters away, far from one apartment to another and with less basic amenities.
  • In every part of this modern world, districts and states are very well developed and developing, and villages are developing with technological equipment like agriculture, transport facilities, electricity connections, communication facilities, factories in the neighbourhood, shopping malls. , Industrial Zone & Commercial Complexes, Companies This is called Urban Land
  • It is also one of the Types of Land

2. Commercial Land

  • Residential land is utilized exclusively for living purposes and commercial land is utilized for Public or commercial purposes.
  • The Land which is allocated to use for commercial purposes is known as Commercial Land, when looking for the term commercial the land hosts Shopping malls, Park or groceries, Complexes, Industries, Restaurants, and Warehouses
  • It is also one of the Types of Land
  • Since commercial land is a one-time investment, land, and building are more expensive
  • From this, a person gets a higher return on investment, and business building values are measured by the location and growth of its areas.
  • Compared to Residential land, commercial land is more expensive and more expensive to maintain
  • It is a global fact that 30% of all areas, districts, and countries of India are occupied by commercial sectors, the sudden rise of commercial sectors provides exclusive employment opportunities to all the people around, basically, the land is used for industry or office buildings, restaurants, shops and other businesses choosing the right land is very important and This will lead to success.

3. Investment Land

  • For those who are willing to spend their time and money, investment land will become an unbeatable asset.
  • Investing in an undeveloped area will bring more returns in the future or the next generation
  • Having property in an underdeveloped area motivates an investor in the future to provide people with basic necessities such as shops, apartments or shopping malls.
  • It is also one of the Types of Land
  • Investing in a piece of land is a very wise idea as it is not created when investing in resale property, but its value is increased in the future and the importance of resale land is determined by the surrounding developments.
  • A person can invest in 2 things one is gold and another one is land because the ROI of land can increase rapidly and it is a long-term investment.

4. Wet Land

  • Wet lands are covered by water and connected with land, also maintaining the productive Ecosystem in the world and some of the wetlands are often covered by Fresh or Salty water.
  • The wetlands are Characterized as Bays, Ponds, Lakes, Rivers and also Oceans. It is also be categorized and seems like

         1. Marshes

         2. Swamps

         3. Bogs and

         4. Fens

  • The importance of Wetlands are

         1. It improves the water quality and water supply

         2. It Provides wildlife habitat & Reduces seaside cyclone damages

         3. Also provides Refreshment opportunities to People

  • It is also included in Types of Lands

5. Range Land

  • Naturally, Rangeland is an unaltered land that is ideal for Grazing of livestock, plants, Forbes & Shrubs.
  • It has been Characterized as Forest, Desert, Farmland, Pasture and Industrial or urban.
  • It always looks like an isolated condition and discontent.
  • It’s also Types of Land.
  • Perhaps Grazing animals are infected with Toxic and poisonous plants in the rangeland, which can cause illness or death to the animals.
  • Rangeland is not good for the daily lives of humans because it is often plagued by poverty and food insecurity. So it also leads to a lack of education, medicine and market opportunities.

6. Agricultural or Farm Land

  • Agricultural land is also referred to as farmland.
  • India is very popular for agricultural activities like cultivating rice, oats, wheat, flowers, fruits, vegetables and livestock.
  • Agricultural Land is also included in Types of land.
  • Worldwide, 50% of the population is engaged in agriculture. It is used for agriculture and a house cannot be built on a farm without permission.
  • Agricultural Land is categorized as

                 1. Arable Land

                 2. Land under Permanent Crops

                 3. Pastures and Hayfields

  • Investing in farmland is the safe option, while compared to other Investment opportunities High returns will get from this investment and it also confers safety to investors’ money.

7. Forest Land

  • The forest land is completely covered with trees, which produce timber and wood products, and with the increase in population, man used the land by clearing the forest to meet his needs.
  • Naturally, This is an Important wealth of the country
  • This is also one of the types of land
  • These are the types of Forests

                     1. Tropical Forest

                     2. Temperature Forest

                     3. Boreal Forest

  • India is now occupied by 25% of the forest area
  • According to government law, the forest areas are classified as 1. Reserved forests, 2. Protected forests and 3. Unclassified forests.
  • Forests also maintain the ecological balance in our country
  • It brings protection from the ravages of floods, droughts, and hurricanes
  • The forest plays an important role in controlling soil erosion, flooding, increasing rainfall and providing favorable climatic conditions in a particular area.

8. Barren Land

  • Barren land is a desert land, it is made of soil, the tree has no chance to grow even the plant, barren land is dry and bare, it is also called wasteland &  Desolation
  • Cultivation in sterile land is useless
  • In a barren land, the plant has no potential for stunted, rare and limited biodiversity in the ground.
  • The Factors that affect plant growth and development are infertile soil, high aeration,  Coastal Salt-spray  and climatic conditions
  • It is also denoted as a type of land
  • There is a chance to turn barren land into the forest, but it takes 3 years of patience and proper techniques. It will take up to 5 years of the time period
  • In India, 6% is barren and uncultivated areas such as mountains, deserts and Ravines are found.


9. Recreational Land

  • The recreational land is not used for residential purposes, no one will build a home there, it is only for recreational purposes only.
  • Recreational land is what gives pleasure to a man and gives a pleasant mindset to the people around
  • The process of this is also one of the types of land
  • Land utilized for recreational purposes is called recreational land. For Example Beaches, Swimming pools, Children’s parks or Outdoor parks, Museums, Playgrounds, Amusement parks, Zoos, Camping Areas, Playgrounds for Schools, Gyms are all under the control of Government Agencies.

10. Transport Land

  • Land used to transport goods from one place to another is called Transport Land
  • Transportation