Fact Stories About 4 Directions in Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra Images

The word Vastu Shastra is derived from the Sanskrit word, which has two different meanings and at the same time refers to the area where Vastu resides. For example, the source of Vastu is like residence, living, dwelling, living. Shastra refers to certain things as teaching, doctrine, rules and regulations

  • Literally, Vastu Shastra refers to “architectural science”. This is also traditional for the Indian system. It comes under designs, layout, dimensions, directions, facing, space arrangement, floor preparation
  • India has a great vision in Vastu Shastra which includes Numerology, astrology, colors, signs, house rooms etc.
  • Some consultants, such as “quacks, astrologers and priests”, market what they have learned in the name of Vastu.
  • From ancient India, they have some extensive knowledge of architectural and design principles named Vastu Vidya.
  • Vastu Shastra Plays a Significant role in the Indian Home buying and Constructing Regime.
  • Houses with entry from North, East, West, North-east, North-west are considered best.
  • Vastu is an art, a science of astrology is to lead a healthy living.

Religious-Wise Vastu Shastra

For Christianity

  • In ancient times, the constructions of European cathedrals were based on geometry. It shows mathematical understanding
  • Constructions based on this type will give a better understanding of divinity. Most churches had Latin crosses in their plans
  • The sense of peace and freshness was found in the simple and symmetrical geometry of the central circle, which best describes the church in terms of spirituality.
  • Some churches still follow specific traditional functions, for example, each church has a cross at the top of the structure, and their worship appears to be traditional functions.
  • Some churches follow the shastras, such as Palm leaves Day, Good Friday, and Easter, just as they did when Christ was on earth.
  • These types of shastra shown in Christianity

For Hinduism

  • The construction of each temple is traditionally based on the creation of idols, the flow of the activities of the divine being, prophecy, exercises in meditation, sixfold desires and yoga.
  • As they began to build the temple, they focused on the rules of the sculpture, focusing on the rules of the sculpture, the building materials, the quality, the size, what particles should or should not be used. What kind of idols to choose, what kind of photos to use, so they focus on each installation based on the Vastu Shastra.
  • Also, they focus on the air circulation, dimensions and lighting in the temple premises, and they focus on every aspect of the Vastu.
  • They also follow certain rules imposed on the Agamas in daily rituals

For Islam

  • Each Islamic art form is often repeated with a combination of squares and circles that seem to overlap with each other.
  • This creates a Complex pattern to the structure, which includes a variety of Tessellations, making the entire decoration of the mosque look like floral or Calligraphic embellishments and handled with background motifs.
  • The most complex and varied shapes were used as simple stars in the 9th century, then the use of starts in 13th century has been 6 to 13 point shapes and in the 16th century, it included 14 to 16 points of stars
  • The Geometric patterns occur in a variety of forms in Islamic art and architecture including kilim carpets, Persian Girih, and Moroccan

Vastu Shastra Basics

Directions in vastu shastra & their benefits

Vastu Shastra
  • Directions are an important part of Vastu. Knowledge of the architectural direction is very important in the construction industry or when building. 
  • In ancient times, directions were calculated with the help of the sun and its shadow, but in this modern world we use some gadgets like magnetic compass and mobile directions.

There are 16 types of Directions in Vastu Shastra

Directions have four principles, also called cardinal directions, and the other four sides are the intercardinal or ordinal directions.






South East


North East


Between East and South East


Between East and North East




South West


North west


Between Southwest and west


Between West and North West




Between North and North East


Between North and North west




Between South and South East


Between South and South West



  • In Vastu shastra shapes play an important role, it is very auspicious to select a plot or house with a suitable shape
  • As per Vastu Shastra, Square and rectangle plots are best and other shaped plots are also equally good and the positivity of can be increased through implementing some other Vastu as remedies for irregularly shaped plots.
  • In this regard, I have some ideas to share with you

So totally we have 10 types of shapes in Vastu shastra, these are the shapes we need to see while buying the plot or house

Is the Square Shape Plot Good as Per Vastu?

  1. Square shaped plot and House will give all-around success and growth, as per vastu square shaped plots are very lucky because it has no sharp end in any of the corner and it also considered to be equal finishing in all sides
  2. According to Vastu, Square shaped plot is very auspicious, Perfect, Stable and Good, It is Great for Residence. This Vastu is Good for Home
square shape

Is the Rectangular Shape Plot Good as Per Vastu?

  1. Apparently yes, because the vastu rectangular shape also brings a Auspicious and Joy, it is good for residence and commercial
  2. It leads us to long-term love, prosperity, happiness, Confidence and Growth

Is the Oval Shape Plot Good as Per Vastu ?

  1. No, according to Vastu oval shaped layers should be avoided completely
  2. Because it has missing corners, it causes us serious trouble

Is the Triangle Shape Plot Good as Per Vastu ?

  1. Three sides of triangular shaped plots or corner plots associated with negative vibration
  2. Sometimes, it brings problems from the government itself
  3. It also causes various health problems, loss, tension and spoils the happiness of the house

Is the Parallelogram Shape Plot Good as per Vastu ?

  1. Parallelogram shaped plots are inauspicious
  2. It brings more Tension and Bad relations
  3. It is also known as Irregular shaped plot
Parallelogram Shape

Is the Gomukhi Shape Plot Good as per Vastu ?

  1. In this Shape of Plot is narrow in front and broad in the rear, it is known as Gomukhi
  2. It is Good for Residential Purposes, But keep in mind not to use for commercial
  3. Form this types of land we need to consider the following              
    1. Southeast Extended at the east Leads to financial Loss
    2. Cut in the Northeast there is no progress
    3. Cut in Northwest causes Sickness
    4. It is Cow faced

Is the Shermukhi Shape Plot Good as per Vastu ?

  1. In this shape the plot will be narrow in the backside and wider in the front
  2. This plot shape also known as Lion faced
  3. This plot is mostly preferred for Commercial or Industrial usage
  4. Incase of residence it causes loss in wealth and no rise

Is the Hexagon Shape Plot Good as per Vastu ?

Hexagon Shape
  1. According to Vastu Shastra, irregular plot Shapes are considered inauspicious
  2. When it comes to hexagonal plot, we would not say it is bad. Because if one makes amends there are some remedies for it and we consider it a good plot

Is the Pentagon Shape Plot Good as per Vastu ?

  1. As per vastu Pentagon, Octagons sites are  Not Good, If the Buildup area looks like Square or Rectangular it is considered to be good
  2. This types of shapes are irregular shaped plot in Vastu, it causes Bad Incidents and Accidents
pentagan shape

Is the Semi-Circular Shape Plot Good as per Vastu ?

  1. This type of dimensions are considered as not auspicious
  2. It causes Restrict Growth, Illness, Losses and Variety of Problems

Colors as per Vastu Shastra for Rooms and Categories



Must Use

Must Avoid



White or Yellow

All colors with Deep shade


Master Bedroom


Dark shades of Red


Guest room


Dark shades of red


Drawing/living room


Dark colors


Dining room

Green, blue or yellow




White or off-white

Black and gray


Kid’s room


Dark blue and red



Orange or red

Dark gray, blue, brown and black




Dark shades of any color



Yellow or white

Any color in deep shade


Pooja room




Home exterior

Yellowish-white, off-white



Main door/entrance

White, silver

Deep yellow


Study room

Light green, cream or white




Blue, light tones of pink and green




White, yellow




White, beige, brown, light gray, pale blue

Red and black


  • Regarding the surrounding of the plot, there should not be any big tree in the immediate front of the plot regarding Vaastu.
  • There should not be any temple very near to the plot (as an immediate wall of our house compound wall).
  • The electric pole should be in the southern direction of any plot. It will make a dynamic power for the plot in the main entrance.

Plots facing one side road:

  • The West Facing road brings Prosperity and popularity for feng-shui.
  • South Facing road is best for Business activities and for house south facing is good for Bed room
  • North Facing road Brings an Abundance of wealth.
  • East Facing road is best for the happiness and development of family members

Plots facing two-side roads:

  • North facing and East roads are good for Business people.
  • East facing and South roads are good for females as heads of the family for positive energy.
  • South Facing and West roads give a moderate fortune for the front door.
  • West Facing and North roads are considered prosperous lands with the best direction.

Vastu Shastra For Home

The Four Corners of Home are:

  • Northeast – Eshanya
  • Northwest – Vaayuvya
  • South East – Aagneya
  • North East – Nairuthi

Direction based color as per vastu

  • Northeast – Light Blue
  • East – White / Light blue
  • Southeast – pink, Orange, Silver
  • North – Green / Pista Green
  • West – Blue
  • Northwest – Light Gray
  • Southwest – Peach / Mud Color
  • South – Red / Yellow
  • South and Southeast – White, Pink or Orange




Passion, power, emotions, warmth


Beauty, contentment, devotion, truth


Growth, healing, fertility, prosperity


Purity, openness, innocence, luxury


Optimism, openness, study, intelligence


Determination, goals, good health, comfort


Stability, satisfaction, comfort


Richness, luxury, graciousness, pride

The Positions Rooms for Each Direction are:

  • North – Treasury, Study room
  • North East – Pooja room, Varandhah, Portico, and this corner is not used for Kitchen, Bed Room, and Toilet
  • The toilet seat should always be placed in such a direction that the person using it would be facing the northern or southern direction of the home. This will keep the health of the family members balanced.
  • East – Dining, Study room, Kids room, Bathroom
  • Between East and North-east which is used for the Entertainment and also used as a common room, Drawing Room
  • Between East and south-east is used for Cattle cow, Buffalo it is also used to store milk and curd, in modern days it is used as a storage room
  • Southeast and southeast corner – Kitchen, Garage
  • South facing house – Bedroom, Dining
  • Southwest – Bedroom, Storeroom, Dressing room
  • West – study room, kids room
  • Northwest – Granary, Bathroom, Garage, Guest room
  • In consideration with Vastu shastra for home, Some paintings & Idols will give Positive vibes, development, Prosperity, Grace, and Luck too.
  • Buddha – Facing the entrance – Provide Peace and God’s Grace in the entrance facing.
  • Horse – South Wall of the house – Provide Speed, Power, Victory, Loyalty, Achievement
  • Water Painting – Northeast –Provides Life Movements, Activities & flow of life.
  • Pair of Birds – Provide Harmonious Bonding between Man & Woman in the peaceful staircase.
  • Camel – Provide Overseas job, Business & Travel opportunities.
  • Pine tree – Provide positivity & Strength, Longevity.
  • Dancing dolphin – East and southeast – Provide an understanding of positive and negative aspects regarding work & Finance

Vastu Shastra For Main Road

  • The main door needs to be faced on Northside, Northeast, east, west which is very auspicious.
  • The main door can also be in the south-facing direction if so there comes some home Vastu by implementing those there won’t be any negative vibes for the house we reside in by selecting the best builders in Chennai.
  • The main door should be bigger than any other door in the house of Vaastu shastra while construction.
  • It can be made Mostly in Wood with superior quality and also in Mix up with Metal.
  • It should be opened in the clockwise direction and rest on the wall 90 degrees open.
  • It can be a single or double door. Modern Houses have Single door but Double door is more Auspicious for healthy living.
  • Shades of the Main door can be painted with wooden color, yellow, Golden, maroon, brown not be painted with Black.

Vastu for Windows

  • Windows can be placed in the east, north, and northeast direction.
  • The Southwest direction of the window is not good for positivity.
  • The number of Windows needs to be in Even only.
  • Bigger windows in North, Northeast, and East.
  • Medium windows in Northwest and Southeast.
  • Small windows in the West and south.
  • For Ventilation Windows can be placed in the pooja room.

Vastu Shastra For Car Parking

  • The Auspicious facing of car parking is north and east.
  • The car parking should be spacious and the vehicle should not touch any of the walls.

Vastu Shastra For Kitchen

  • Vastu-based kitchens will bring more energy to Indian shastras. Every appliance in the kitchen adds so much pride to the space
  • According to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen should have positive energy and natural resources like earth, air, sky, water, and fire should be in balance. These things bring more positive vibes to the home
  • The best direction to build the kitchen is southeast. Because that direction is considered fiery. Take care of the sides of the kitchen not built on the north, northeast, and southwest. If one builds a house in this direction, it destroys the relationship between the family and its members
  • All appliances in the kitchen such as gas cylinders, stove, oven, and toasters are fire-based so they will be placed in the southeast area.
  • Items such as washing machines, washbasins, water pipes, and kitchen drains should face north or northeast. The refrigerator should be on the southwest and other stocks should be placed on the southwest side to provide prosperity, good luck, and happiness.

Vastu Shastra For Bed Rooms

  • Are you thinking about why Vastu should be seen in the bedroom? Remember that one small thing can change a person’s whole fortune and even improve the relationship between couples
  • The direction of the bedroom should be towards the southwest, it should increase the health and wealth, the bed should be facing southwest and head west.
  • Some things to avoid
    • Do not place glass or TV in front of your bed,
    • Avoid black paint and
    • Avoid paintings such as temples and fountains.
  • Use some Vastu plants for the Bedroom
    • Money Plant – This is one of the house plants that purify the air and Vastu Shastra says that the plant should be towards the foot or the foot of the bedroom.
    • Bamboo plant – In Vastu Shastra, the plant will cut off the negative vibes around the room and brings more Prosperity, Good luck, and wealth
    • Peace Lily – Science says that the peace lily plant has the ability to purify the air. In Vastu, it should be placed near the window so that it starts with peace, tranquility, and good luck
    • Lily Plant – This plant is liked by millions of people and in Vastu Shastra, this plant is a sign of happiness and harmony. This plant will trigger positive vibrations in the bedroom
    • Jasmine plant – Jasmine is a very simple and highly fragrant plant that will create the mood to be refreshed and calm. In Vastu, the plant is placed near a window to get the full use of it
  • Sleeping directions play an important role in Vastu Shastra, while the eastern direction brings reputation and wealth, while the western direction brings harmony and spirituality, while the north brings prosperity and prosperity.
  • Occupy the south or southwest part of the master bedroom, this bedroom is for married couples or newlyweds only, not for those who are single.
  • Following the correct aspects of Vastu Shastra will prevent you from Vastu Dosh

Vastu Shastra Tips

If you are looking for tips on Vastu-based houses, you should build your house with Vastu Shastra which will Increase your luck when you see the difference in other Vastu-based houses.Vastu works for everyone who is eagerly waiting to build his house with Shastra

  1. The main entrance to your house should face east, north or northeast. Plan to have a north or east face before building or buying a home
  2. The Hall should face east or north and the furniture should face southwest. Doing so can prevent vastu dosh in your home
  3. The use of sea salt in Vastu Shastra is very useful for homes. It is also used to clear Vastu Dosh and is a very important Vastu remedy for house, You can use small particles of sea salt in water to clean a floor
  4. Mirrors are an important element in Vastu Shastra in the beginning, it gives positive energy to the house.Two important things that cannot be done with mirrors do not place glass in front of your main door and  in front of the bed
  5. Camphor crystals can be used as a vastu remedy and it prevents vastu dosh. When you are fighting with something that is not in your plan, use camphor pieces that will make a changes in your plan
  6. Using pyramids at the entrance to the house protects you from negativity, and consult an Vastu Shastra Expert to learn more about the use of the pyramid. Use a crystal ball instead of using pyramid
  7. For Vastu Dosh, you can use wind chimes with 4 to 8 Hollow rods to spread good energy in the house.
  8. In some homes, they use horse shoes to attract good luck, more wealth, and gain positive energy. Optimum place is to hold in the main door
  9. Copper wires and plates are best to use in Vastu Shastra. It is used to shape the plot especially in concealing the wrong entries

Let us fetch to the conclusion

  • From the above article, we have found that Vastu Shastra plays an important role in the entire lifestyle of human beings.
  • Now, do you want to buy land with all the Vastu-based? Come to Namma family builder and developer private limited, we have Multiple facings, Multiple sizes, and Multiple prices
  • Build your life with more health and wealth based on Vastu Shastra. Very congratulations to you and your family


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