The Emerging New Trend Of Villa Plots In Chennai

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  • The emerging new trend of Villa is an innovative upcoming trend today and it has tremendous untapped potential. 
  • Chennai always maintains constant sustainable growth & the new road network projects, expansion of metro rail projects, the extension of 4-lane & 8-lane highways have surged the existing real estate demand.
  •  Villa plots in Chennai see huge real estate demand from both end-users & investors.
  • The people want to locate and settle at a place where everything that they need is available.
  • Actually, people want to feel the sense of being close to nature.
  • The Villas are the places with an unbeatable blend of city & country atmosphere.
  • The people are trying to break the mundane routine and to be free from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • They want solace from the city’s grind. In villas, it is possible.
  • The villas always have a clean & green environment with abundant open space.
  • Villas are the best choice with quality living amidst a serene atmosphere.
  • Villas are built to the highest standards with exactly the people’s needs in mind.
  • Villa development projects are offering villa & villa plots within the budget starting from Rs.70 lakhs.
  • Some villa projects offer spacious 3 BHK & 4 BHK Villa at a very affordable price.
  • There are more than 50 + villa plots in chennai development projects across Chennai. 
  • Villas will be experiencing a surge in their value in the near future.
  • The best builders in Chennai always keep track of new trends and always try their best to capture the untapped potential.

The Concept Of Villa Plots In Chennai – A Home Away From A Home

  • Previously, the villas are the places the people prefer to stay for the weekend or for some period to refresh them from the routine stress and strain of city life.
  • The peace of mind, privacy, the possibility of being free from noise pollution, the possibility of enjoying the eye-catching gardens are the luring factors for the frequent visits to the villas.
  • The nature of independent houses with a lot of free areas inside the house and the availability of a lot of open spaces outside the house made the people feel just like a home far away from our normal life.

The Best Alternative For Outings – The Impact Of Covid – 19

  • Before the covid – 19 attack, the people visited villas for refreshment purposes during the weekends.
  • During the covid – 19, the people were not allowed to move from one city to another city/place.
  • The tour plans, outings, and commutation of people were restricted due to the strict rules and regulations.
  • The possible options were limited and the fear of the third covid wave prevented their journeys.   
  • This unavoidable situation made the people think of the only possibility of using the available villas within the city.  
  • And also high salaried people and the IT people began to book the villas for one to two weeks period.
  • These people continued their work-at-home option in villas and also enjoyed the remaining valuable time happily with their family members in Villas.
  • These people realized a very good level of double-purpose satisfaction on villa plots in chennai.
  • This kind of stay for two weeks increased the momentum and improved bookings in villas.
  • The recognition and response were good from the high salary category people.
  • The people began to enjoy, appreciate the facilities and advantages of Villas. 
  • During the covid period, the total month-on-month gains and the transaction volumes of villas received tremendous growth.
  • Slowly, the scenario changed from weekend booking only to weekdays booking also.
  • The gradual transformation of the concept of villas from the leisure sector only to leisure with the work sector makes the people think and start their move towards Villa plots for sale in chennai south.
  • The people analyzed the worth of extra amount to be spent for the investment in villas and the pros & cons of villas.

The Factors Lead To The World Of Complete Satisfaction – Factors Enhancing Emerging Trends

  • Now, Chennai becomes South Asian Operation Centre due to the increasing number of IT, BPO & numerous manufacturing companies.
  • This scenario makes many tops, senior-level professionals move to Chennai for functioning as heads of such businesses.
  • These top professionals and high-salary segments are always on the lookout for luxury villa plots in chennai. 
  • The premium segment appreciates and enjoys the unbeatable blend of city and country atmosphere in the Villas.
  • The Villas are situated amidst the scenic surroundings.
  • The villas offer the same level of privacy, warmth, and openness as an independent home. 
  • Today, people become home-bound due to the continuation of the work-at-home options and online education.
  • The people feel the need for capacious space for their everyday life. 
  • The importance of space needs makes the people move from a single bedroom to a bigger space with better social infrastructure and recreational facilities. ( i.e., double, triple bedroom houses).
  • They want to allocate one room separately for their work purpose and try to form a work atmosphere to get rid of the disturbances of their family people.
  • The villas are built to the highest standards with exactly the people’s needs in mind.
  • Villa plots in chennai provide abundant natural light & ventilation which facilitates the free flow of air & light from all directions. 
  • Well equipped with all modern amenities to enhance the modern living experience with elegantly designed homes.
  • The possibility for more free areas inside the house and open spaces outside the home offers maximum comfort.
  • Possibility to keep the leisure moments productively & entertainingly occupied.
  • The presence of a Tennis court, Basketball court, Billiards table, Skating rink, and swimming pool support the leisure moments.
  • Possibility for a pleasant evening walk and morning walk.
  • The indoor Gym & Outdoor Gym will help to maintain physical fitness.
  • People can feel the real sense of being close to nature and enjoy the advantage of a pollution-free environment for healthy living. 
  • Some villas might have the nearby presence of natural lakes.
  • People can enjoy the pleasure of waking up to the noise of chirping birds and the fragrance of fresh air.
  • There are separate well-laid-out walking and jogging tracks.
  • Ample space with a well-designed play area for children to climb, jump & tumble over. 
  • Open spaces on all sides of the houses allow the natural sunlight into the home & the free flow of air makes the interior remain cooler, fresher & ensures a very good air circulation for healthy living.
  • The ample spacing between homes ensures adequate privacy.
  • The impossibility of common walls between the houses relieves the people from the noise disturbances of the neighboring houses. It will not ruin the peace of people.
  • The people can use the opportunity to farm their own garden with plants and trees of their choice. 
  • Also, people can plan for backyard lawns.
  • The tiredness due to tedious hard work every day will be relieved by being back to a serene & peaceful environment property.
  • The safety is enhanced with 24 hours security with security personal through CCTV Cameras.
  • villa plots in chennai have a power backup facility, Elevators, and lift facility.
  • Properly planned 30 feet and 40 feet blacktop roads for proper commutation.
  • Properly erected lamp posts for the perfect street lighting purpose.
  • Properly planned underground power lines.
  • The strong Peripheral compound wall for the entire gated community provides additional safety for the villas.
  • Efficient drainage system with underground sewage lines.
  • Properly planned underground stormwater drainage system.
  • Avenue plantation of eye-catching gardens with properly planted trees and plants.
  • People can take a stroll in the Garden/Park, sit back, and breathe in the fresh air and relax. 
  • The presence of Creche is very useful for working women.
  • With all basic infrastructure facilities available at a short distance.
  • The presence of ATMs, Grocery stores, and Laundromats satisfy people’s everyday requirements.
  • villa plots in chennai city are rapidly developing & real estate is driven by the end-user needs.
  • Ultimately, we can say the villas are the places where the search for a perfect home ends & the new life in a wonderful new dwelling begins.

Areas Of Today’s Presence

The areas which are experiencing the concept of the villa are as follows

  • Poonamalle 
  • Oragadam
  • Kelambakkam
  • Urapakkam
  • Nallambakkam
  • Tambaram
  • Ambattur
  • Neelankarai
  • Porur
  • Pudupakkam
  • Medavakkam
  • Thiruporur
  • Anakaputhur
  • Sriperumbudur

Areas Of Expected Presence

The other areas that are expected to see the rapid growth of the villa concept in the next few years are as follows

  • Siruseri
  • Guduvanchery
  • OMR
  • Padappai

Supporting Statistics

  • The Hyderabad city sold 100 villas of range Rs.5 Crores – Rs.12 Crores during June 2020.
  • In Bangalore city, the real estate market has been getting tremendous response for the Villas in gated communities.


  • The villa plots in chennai are the most recognized next thing and emerging trend in real estate.
  • The advantage of low-density living accompanied by the necessary social distance maintaining independent homes can be experienced.
  • we can say it is true that the villas are the places where the search for a perfect home ends & the new life in a wonderful new dwelling begins.


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