Double Floor West Facing House Vastu Plan Images In 2023

Double Floor West Facing House Vastu Plan Images In 2023

West Facing House Vastu Floor Plan

  • A west facing house vastu plan is perceived as unlucky and inauspicious due to lack of proper understanding of Vastu shastra and concepts.  It is a common misconception. Even a west facing house may prove to be favourable for people in certain professions like doctors, nurses, lawyers, financial advisors, artists, teachers, chefs, etc., and bring good luck. 
  • The people should be aware of the fact that all directions
  • are equal and each direction has its own advantages and certain limitations.
  • According to the Vastu experts, all directions are equal. But the auspicious of the house depends on the positioning of each part and room of a house. That positioning process starts from the main entrance door to the living room, dining room, pooja room, bed room, balcony and toilets. The process can be strengthened by adding respective valuable elements to enhance prosperity and benefits.
  • The people should believe the credibility of the orientation of the west facing house Vastu Plan can be enhanced by the way we design it according to the principles of the Vastu Shastras. 
  • The earth’s axis of rotation is titled at 23.5 degrees and the earth keeps on changing directions. As per the earth’s rotation, the direction of a house does not have any impact. The Vastu Shastra also strengthens this fact.

Advantages Of West Facing House Vastu Plan

  • According to Vastu shastra, the west direction represents the element metal or space.Therefore, we can make it more auspicious if we place a metal object in the west corner of the west facing house Vastu Plan.
  • The West Facing House Vastu Plan is also good for people and they should not let go of lucrative west-facing house property deals from their hands. 
  • There is a faith that the west-facing house people will not have foes and they will be popular at work and in social situations.
  • This direction is ideal for politicians, business owners, teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, artists, financial advisors, and religious leaders. There is a hope that they will become popular in social circles.
  • In a west-facing house, the people of natural light love nature and can get the warmth and glow of the evening sunlight until the late hours. It will lift the natural light lover’s mood.
  • Lord Varun dominates the west direction. He is a god for a prosperous healthy peaceful life with limited difficulties. This direction is best for very good association and the happiness of the family members. 

Interior Design For West Facing Home Design

Living Room Of the West Facing House Vastu Plan