What Is Adangal And How Can Apply Online In Tamilnadu

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Meaning Of Adangal

  • Adangal is a type of land record (i.e., land revenue record). The Village Administrative Officer writes this Document each year and it is also known as Village account No.2.
  • It is a must for establishing a clear property title to the seller. It plays an important role in a property transaction.
  • The Village Administrative Officer’s primary duty is to register the details of crops raised on the land, and trees standing on all government lands in this Document.  (Whether under the tree tax system or not, cases of unauthorized occupation of Government lands, cases of Fasli Jasthi and Theervai Jasthi, etc. in this Document.) 
  • The Village Administrative Officer (VAO) has to maintain this Document and he must the recording of crops every month.
  • This document provides a timeline of ownership as well as the use of the property.  And it establishes a property title

Details Of Adangal

  • This Document contains various important details like
  • The Survey Number of the property
  • The area of the property
  • The assessment – the valuation
  • The land classification

Patta lands

  • Wet
  • Dry
  • Manavari

Assessed wastelands (Wet, Dry & Poramboke land)

  • The name of the landowner (i.e., with respect to the Chitta document)
  • The details of lands, wells, and trees reserved for Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes.
  • The assignments made with or without conditions/
  • These details are mentioned in this Document. The above details are taken from the “A” register in this Document with reference to the Chitta document.
  • The details should be drawn up every year in this Document and the classification-wise figures (i.e., extent and assessment) should tally with those noted in the “A” Register. That means that the information in this Document must be clearly created annually (every year), and the values (the extent and the assessment) stated in the “A” Register must perfectly match up in terms of classification.
  • This Document can be obtained from the concerned Village Administrative Officer (VAO) by making an application.

Importance Of Adangal

  • The buyers who prefer to buy agricultural land in Tamil Nadu must check this Document’s
  • The exact nature of agricultural land can be identified through the checks and this Document eliminates the chances of fraud (i.e., the seller cannot fool the buyer).
  • What type of soil, the land has? can be identified.

The Procedure For Obtaining Adangal

The Procedure For Obtaining This Document In Offline Details

Adangal online download is easy. If one feels it is hard, then simply contact the concerned village administrative officer or VAO and get it.

The Procedure For Obtaining This Document Is Online Details

  • All the state land records across the Indian country are available online under the National Land Records Modernization (NLRM) program. One can easily get an update on property records online.
  • one can easily get Adangal online Tamandu easily by following the steps mentioned below
  • Visit the Land record e-services portal of land records of Tamil Nadu or click on

The Procedure To Download Adangal Online Tamilnadu

  • First, go to the official website of Patta Chitta. (To get any land record of Tamil Nadu, type on google patta chitta or Adangal. It is the official website of Tamil Nadu land records where one can extract all the information of the land.)
  • Then follow the process mentioned below to get the online Document in Tamilnadu.
  • Reach the website home page, here see an option view patta (copy/ A. Register Extract)
  • Below this click on the option (view A. Register Extract)
  • Then select the district, Taluk, Village
  • Then fill in the property survey number ( by referring to patta chitta)
  • Now the details of this Document are displayed on the screen.


  • Adangal is an important valuable document for establishing a clear property title to the seller.
  • This document always plays an important role in a property transaction.
  • Nowadays one can get this document quickly by following the procedures properly.

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