Why Us


The company’s development footprint spans 1.2 million sq. Ft. Of completedongoing and forthcoming residential projects across chennai; and over 8 lakhs sq.Ft. Of ongoing and 50 lakhs sq.Ft. Forthcoming projects under development/management at its integrated developments / across chennai.


Namma family builder and developer pvt.Ltd., committed to conduct its business in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations and the highest standards of business ethics and ethical conduct. The philosophy of the company in relation to corporate governance is to ensure transparency in all its operations, make disclosures, and enhance shareholder value without compromising in any way on compliance with the laws and regulations.
We follow a policy of spreading joy. Not only amongst our members, but also our employees. Our work culture is built on openness, respect and trust, thus inspiring empowerment at the work place.

Corporate profile NFBD

Our Mission

To harness superior thinking in the creation of products that functionally and visually enhance the spaces in which people live whilst reducing our carbon footprint through innovation and commitment towards quality, transparency, and social responsibility.

To be buyers the first choice in the premium luxury plots segment and create a niche market for NFBD PVT.LTD. Properties.




In the market of Chennai, specifically in real estate, we have a track record of consistent performance over 10+ years.



We projected as “Best Builders in Guduvanchery”, “top 10 plot promoters in Chennai” in google search, which shows our lead in the ranking.
As we are the best builders in Guduvanchery, when we search online in google as “Guduvanchery”, we are in the top page position in ranking wise.



Before choosing a builder to buy your property, you should check whether the company is properly licensed or not. We, “NFBD” have properly registered ourselves as a private limited under the companies act 2013 by government of india in the year 2020.



Most of the developers offer lots of promises, but only a few of them are sincere in keeping up. At NFBD, we are open-minded to our property buyers regarding the policies we follow.
Unless there is a change in the government’s appraisal cost, we will not ask for any additional fees other than the price of the property.
And unless there is a natural calamity or pandemic lockdown or other issues, nothing can withhold us from delivering timely projects to our clients. These sincere activities support us to construct good quality homes for you within a short span of time at affordable prices. 



The real estate industry is booming and there is an increase in the number of builder and developer around the city.

Good builders will make it easy for their customers to interact with them. If there is no proper way to communicate with the realtor, then they cannot be trusted as a reliable realtor.
At NFBD, we have an experienced team of real estate professionals to answer our clients. We are 24/7 available to find the best solutions for home buying, you can contact us online, social media channels, phone, and emails. Builders in Guduvanchery, “Top 10 plot promoters in Chennai” in google search, which shows our lead in the ranking.

As we are the best builders in Guduvanchery, when we search online in google as “Guduvanchery”, we are in the top page position ranking wise.



As a reputed builder and developer, we are in contact with leading banks and financial institutions. (LIC, HDFC, AXIS and YES Bank and so on)
So, it is easy to buy your property from us through loan. Thus, home buyers can easily get loans at low EMI within in a span of time.
Therefore, if you purchase your property from us, we are fully responsible for your safety, peace of mind, and high return of investment. Should check whether the company is properly licensed or not. We, “NFBD” have properly registered ourselves as a private limited under the companies act 2013 by the government of India in the year 2020.



As a reputed builder we ensure the timely completion of your project. We are here to add your dream property to your wealth with best client service whether as a land or home.



As a reliable and reputed builder, we will always give you transparent deals. We will provide you the document with all clearance.



We are offering best trustable service to all clients with full support.
Free site visit, Offers and negotiations (Both in Resale and Layouts)Legal and paperwork assistance with leading advocate opinion.
Budgeting and shortlisting homes, Registration on-time Architectural design and construction Property management, Research, and development


Core Values

To realize our vision and mission, we always turn to the corporate values that we hold dear. We will live and deliver these values with uncompromising commitment to safety and sustainability.


We care deeply about people, our own people, our partners and customers, and the communities to which we belong


Passion is the fuel that drives our culture. It defines our mindset and energies our business


We take seriously our responsibility to the environment through our actions we contribute towards creating a better place for future generations


We are here to make a valuable difference to our stakeholders and clients and we will make it happen against all odds.

Team Work

We can gain from the diversity within our group by sharing knowledge and resources to achieve individual and collective success.




We strive to deliver projects that subscribe to the finest international standards on design, development and customer satisfaction.



To be a successful player in the real estate market in Chennai and all over Tamil Nadu. To be a top player in marketing premium resale and layout plots, affordable homes exclusively.



NFBD Pvt.Ltd., has a young, growing, and dynamic team of professionals who bring to the table varied strengths and competencies.
An equal opportunity employer, NFBD constantly conducts training programs across all verticals and at various levels to improve and upgrade the skill sets of every employee to do the best marketing with excellent client service.



Our environment, health and safety system ensures consistent and effective management of environmental protection, occupational health, safety of our employees, workers throughout the
We believe that good health, safety and environmental performance are an integral part of efficient and profitable business management. It recognizes that these matters rank equally in importance with other management responsibilities and that success in these areas depends on the involvement and commitment of everyone in the organization



As a consequence of our overall commitment to preserve environment, health and safety is established by;

• Providing and maintaining healthy and safe working conditions and systems of work for all employees and contractors

• Effective communication and encouraging their active participation

• Recognizing and responding constructively to community concerns about health, safety, and environmental aspects of our operation

• Providing sufficient resources in terms of people, training and equipment’s



To transform the built environment and give human character and expression to the spaces in which we live.
To be the number one real estate group in Guduvanchery – Chennai by becoming the preferred location of investment for buyers all over india.
To be one of the largest integrated real estate and infrastructure companies in the country.
We will deliver reliable, high-quality services to real estate and infrastructure, always ensuring that integrity, quality, safety, timely delivery, and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do.
We have upcoming projects of more than 1 million square feet in and around Chennai, more projects are planned from 2022.



At NFBD Pvt.Ltd., we give the utmost importance to the quality of the projects we do. All these years, we have been delivering properties and homes to our customers that meet high standards of quality by providing best location plots and by adopting quality materials, design and construction techniques.
We believe that organization development depends on the quality of the products and services. As a part of this we have developed a strong team to monitor the quality at regular intervals of time and quality audits regularly.