Field Measurement Book (FMB): A Comprehensive Overview

Field Measurement Book (FMB): A Comprehensive Overview - Namma Family Builder

Field Measurement Book (FMB)

  • Field Measurement Book (FMB) sketch is a collection of map data of land. It is stored in volumes and maintained by the Government at the respective (VAO) Village Administrative Office or Revenue Department.
  • It is a record of measurements that is measured as per the scale – 1:1000 or 1:2000 and gives the exact dimensions of the land. 
  • FMB sketch is essential for the surveyor to record the measurements of a specific area and to make a map of the site. 
  • Surveyors and Engineers use the field book to record their measurements and observations at the time of working in the field. This Field Measurement Book sketchbook contains blank pages with lines and grid patterns which allow the user to draw neat and accurate sketches.
  • The purpose of FMB is to create growth and strong relationships by adding value to the customers’ financial lives.

The procedure to get FMB Sketch

Apply In Person

  • Visit the Taluk office of the respective obtain the FMB (Field Measurement Book) sketch copy of the land,
  •  Approach the Tahsildar with a request.
  • Then the request form has to be filled up to obtain the FMB sketch copy of the land by providing the Survey number to the relevant department 
  • The form with essential information and details should be attested with the applicant’s signature.
  • All the important documents are to be attached.
  • Then submit them to the relevant authority.
  • The Tahsildar reviews submitted requests and decides whether to approve them. If the proposal is accepted, then a duplicate of the FMB drawing will be given to the petitioner. If the proposal request is turned down, then the petitioner can appeal the ruling well to the District Collector.
  • Make sure to get the receipt for the fee paid and keep it safe for future reference.
  • Successful completion of the process will give FMB a sketch copy of the land with a unique reference number.

Apply Online

  • Visit the Online application link 1/Online application link 2 to obtain a Field Measurement Book sketch copy online.
  • Then select the respective district, taluk, and Village.
  • Then enter the Survey Number / Sub Division Numbers. FMB ensures that Sketch Extract is used only by genuine users.
  • The security authentication must be entered without any mistakes and click on “Submit”.
  • Once the submission of the correct details is over, the FMB Sketch copy will be displayed by the system.
  • To get an FMB sketch copy, one has to click on Print. Then the “payment processing’’ page will be displayed by the system.
  •  By choosing the convenient payment method the required amount can be paid.
  • The transaction id can be saved.
  • Finally, the print of the FMB sketch copy of the land with a unique reference number can be collected.

How is FMB maintained?

  • A 1:1000 or 1:2000 scale is used to maintain the survey number sketches in FMBs.
  • Then each survey number is divided into several numbers of sub-divisions.
  • Then these sub-division numbers are allocated to property owners.
  • The  FMB book contains important details like information on the location of the land, the type of land, and extent of the measures, and the dates when the measurements were taken.
  • This is mainly for future reference and analysis.

Correction For Wrong FMB

  • An application has to be filed with the tahsildar requesting to set right the FMB.
  • The revenue authorities will amend the FMB after surveying and measuring the land.
  • In case the tahsildar doesn’t respond to correct the FMB then file a petition in the court directing the tahsildar to correct the FMB. And finally, verify its correctness.

The 3 Types of Map Symbols are listed below

  • Point Symbols – Dipping tanks, Buildings, and trigonometrical beacons.
  • Line Symbols – Power lines, roads, telephone lines, and Railways.
  • Area Symbols –  Ponds, Cultivated lands, vineyards, and orchards.

Field Measurement Book Sketch Online

  • The land measurements and boundaries of the property are verified with the help of FMB Sketch. A 1:1000 or 1:2000 scale is used for this purpose.
  • Each survey number is divided into various sub-divisions. They are owned by property owners. The precise dimensions of the land are mentioned in FMB. Hence an FMB sketch is important in a property purchase transaction.

Obtaining FMB Sketch

  • The concerned Tahsildar office is used to maintain the FMB sketch. To obtain an FMB sketch a request must be submitted in writing to the concerned Tahsildar.

Components of FMB

The various components of FMB are as below,

  1. G-line
  2. F-line
  3. Subdivision lines
  4. Ladder
  5. Extension lines
  6. Neighboring field survey numbers

 The people have to visit the Tahsildar Office and submit a written request to get an FMB sketch of a property.


  • G-line is the most important part of the FMB sketch. It is an imaginary line that serves the purpose of converting the sketch into different sizes of triangles to fix the boundary lines and the various points in the sketch.  
  •  The G-line outlines the making of the entire sketch. 
  • There should not be errors in G-line. It will affect all the proper calculations.


 The F-line serves as the actual field boundary line in the outline of the sketch.

Subdivision Lines

  • A subdivision line of the FMB sketch serves the purpose of restricting a small part of the land which is within the survey number.  It is usually presented through a ladder. 
  • Subdivision lines are used to demarcate a small portion of land within a survey number. They are generally defined through a ladder.


  •  Ladder details give the actual outline of the FMB sketch.
  • There may be a deviation of the offset distance to the left or right side of the G-line. The left or right angle deviation will be highlighted by the ladder.

Extension Lines

  • The exact direction where the subject field joins the neighboring field will be identified and determined with the help of an extension line on the FMB sketch.
  • Each survey number field will form a crucial part of the village map. Due to this, the other fields surround each sketch. The subject field joins the neighboring field and is clearly indicated on the FMB as an extension line with the exact direction.
  • They are used to connect points on the sketch. Each survey number field will form a crucial part of the village map. Due to this, the other fields surround each sketch.

Neighbouring Field Survey Numbers

  • Neighbouring Field Survey Numbers.
  • Are required for converting the FMB sketch to D-sketches.
  • They can be used to cross-reference other surveys of the area. This facilitates the conversion of FMBs into D-sketches, and so on and so forth.

FMB Field Sketches

The 3 types of field sketches

Profile sketches – show the ground profile along a line.

Plan drawings show the layout of an area (such as the location of buildings, roads, and other features).

elevation sketches – show how the ground changes in elevation along a line. (such as a proposed pipeline route.)

All the above 3 types of graphics can be helpful for different purposes.


  • A professional can do a better job with the Field measurement book sketch with the expertise and skill for all your needs.
  • The FMB can be used by anybody who needs to measure a field precisely. The measurements are correct and the outcomes are trustworthy.
  • The government of Tamil Nadu’s Land Records e-Services will help the people to get abreast of this process.

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