Amazing 12 Pop Design Images And Their Advantages

Amazing 12 Pop Design Images And Their Advantages - Namma Family Builder

What Is Pop Design?

  • Pop is commonly used to create accent shapes and decorations and wall trims. Pop stands for plaster of Paris. It is a lightweight and heat-resistant material made of gypsum.
  • It is available in dry powder form which can be mixed well with water to form a paste and then patterned on the walls.

Here are some tips for maintaining POP designs:

  • Keep the pop molding room well-ventilated and minimize water and moisture exposure.
  • Use a dry cloth or rag duster to remove dust from the design.
  • If the design is to last well for several days, heavy items should not be hung.
  • Direct sunlight in this design changes its color.

Benefits Of Pop Design

Key benefits of installing design in your home:

  • Pop is a long-lasting material
  • It is wear-resistant for many years
  • It is cheaper than other products
  • These roofs are easy to maintain
  • Pop roofs act as good insulators for cold and heat

Why Is It Better Than Gypsum?

  • Gypsum or pop design is designed in many households in India. Although pop is room-hydrated gypsum, it has more advantages than gypsum.
  • The first advantage is that pop is available at a much lower price than gypsum. This design can be designed in any way we need. Gypsum only gives a few designs.

Top 12 Pop Design Images

1. Wooden Pop Design

  • This design is a good classy design in modern times. Nowadays everyone loves the rustic charm. So homeowners in the city are setting up the wooden design to connect their homes with the natural environment. This design is perfect for a minimalist interior in a room.

2. 3D Pop Design

  • If you want a 3D design, the pop roof design is a good choice. This design is a new interpretation of the standard T-bar layout. It creates a wave-like design.
  • This design is very attractive to draw the attention of the location. You can place lights behind it.

3. Double Layered Design

  • This design with layers and lights is very popular because it gives a beautiful design to the whole room.
  • A double-layer design apartment can look beautiful by using many types of patterns, textures, colors, and lights. This design enhances the overall look of your home and gives a good look.

4. Flower Design

  • Soft floral designs and patterns are very attractive. Adding this design to your living room will be beautiful. If you want to add beauty to a large hall, adding a design like this flower will give good beauty.
  • Add lights to make each petal of the flower receive good attention. Adding less embellishment in the middle of this floral design will give a nice aesthetic.

5. Plus Minus Pop Design

  • The plus-minus design is very suitable for the drawing room. It is a great way to add evolution to a small space. You can enlarge your space and add nice details. This plus-minus design is a type of ceiling design.
  • This design comes in many forms. It is usually seen in a box shape. This design for the bedroom ceiling creates a good balance between positive and negative space.

6. Hanging Fixtures Design

  • This design with pendant lights is a good place on the list. The elegant look of the room is ver