Vasthu Shastra – A Complete Guide

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Vasthu Shastra Plays a Significant role in Indian Home buying Regime. Houses with entry from North, East, West, North east, North west are considered best. Vasthu is an art, a science of astrology to lead a healthy living.

Vasthu Shastra Basics


As per vasthu Shastra, Square and rectangle plots are best and other shaped plots are also equally good and the positivity of can be increased through implementing some other Vasthu Shastra as remedies for irregular shaped plots.


Regarding the surrounding of the plot, there should not be any big tree in the immediate front of the plot. There should not be any temple very near to the plot (as immediate wall of our house compound wall). Electric pole should be in the southern direction of any plot. It will make a dynamic power for the plot

Plots facing one side road:

  • Facing the West road brings Prosperity and popularity.
  • Facing the South road is best for Business activities.
  • Facing the North road Brings Abundance of wealth.
  • Facing the East road is best for happiness and development of family members.

Plots facing two-side roads:

  • Facing North and East roads are good for Business people.
  • Facing East and South roads are good for female as head of family.
  • Facing South and West roads give moderate fortune.
  • Facing West and North roads are considered as prosperous lands.

Vasthu Shastra for Home

The Four Corners of Home are:

  • North east – Eeshanya
  • North west – Vaayuvya
  • South East – Aagneya
  • North East – Nairuthi

The positions rooms for Each Direction are:

  • North – Treasury , Study room
  • North East – Pooja room, Varandhah, Portico
  • East – Dining, Study room, Kids room, Bathroom
  • South east – Kitchen, Garage
  • South – Bedroom, Dining
  • South west – Bedroom, Store room, Dressing room
  • West – study room, kids room
  • North west – Grenary, Bathroom, Garage, Guest room

In consideration with Vasthu Sasthra Some paintings & Idols will give Positive vibes, development, Prosperity, Grace and Luck too.

  • Buddha – Facing the entrance – Provide Peace and God Grace
  • Horse – South Wall of the house – Provide Speed, Power, Victory, Loyalty, Achievement
  • Water Painting – North east –Provides Life Movements, Activities & flow of life.
  • Pair of Birds – Provide Harmonious Bonding between Man & Woman.
  • Camel – Provide Overseas job, Business & Travel Opportunity.
  • Pine tree – Provide positivity & Strength, Longevity.
  • Dancing dolphin – East and south east – Provide understanding of positive and negative aspects regarding work & Finance

Vasthu Shastra for Main Road

Main door need to be faced in North, North east, east, west which is very auspicious. Main door can also be in the south facing direction, if so there comes some Vasthu by implementing those there won’t be any negative vibes for the house we reside.

  • The main door should be Bigger than any other doors in the house.
  • It can be made of Mostly in Wood with superior quality and also in Mix up with Metal.
  • It should be opened in the clockwise direction and rest on the wall with 90 degrees of open.
  • It can be single or double door. Modern Houses have Single door but Double door is more Auspicious for a healthy living.
  • Shades of Main door can be painted with wooden colour, yellow, Golden, maroon, brown not be painted with Black.

Vasthu for Windows

  • Windows can be placed in east, north and north east direction.
  • South west direction of window is not good for positivity.
  • Number of Windows Need to be in Even only.
  • Bigger windows in North, North east and East.
  • Medium windows in North west and South east.
  • Small windows in West and south.
  • For Ventilation Windows can be placed in pooja room.

Vasthu Shastra for car Parking

Auspicious facing of car parking is north and east. The car parking should be spacious and the vehicle should not touch any of the walls.


So above this article we will found that vasthu shastra plays vital role to buy Plot for sale

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