Excellent Tips For Vastu For Home Design In 2023

Excellent Tips for Vastu For Home Design In 2023 - Namma Family Builder

Meaning Of Vastu For Home

  • Vastu For Home – When building a house, the Vastu direction of the place should be set. Building a house without adding the Vastu reference the house will cause dangers to the building and the residents.
  • House builders should set the house’s color, design, and directions properly by looking at the Vastu system. This arrangement will lead to peace, tranquility, and economic growth in our home. 

Top 10 Vastu Planning Tips For A House

1. Vastu Direction For Main Entrance Home

  • Vastu reference for a house depends on the main entrance in that house. It is better to build the door of a house towards the north or east Facing direction. The entrance should be made using good heavy material wood or metal.
  • This door should be slightly bigger than other doors. The entrance door should not be painted black. A shoe rack should not be placed near this door and a bathroom should not be built.
  • The entrance door should be well-lit. It is very good to put a name board on the door of the house. The door of the entrance door of the house should be set to open clockwise.

2. Vastu Design For Windows And Doors

  • According to the Vastu for home, windows, and doors should be placed towards North-East, North, and East. Setting in this direction gives good positive energy to our room.
  • It is good to place some deity images on the doors. A house should have two gates and big windows near the door.

3. Vastu Design For Living Room

  • The living room plays a vital role according to Vastu for home. Because the living room is the first place that everyone comes to our home.
  • Here we sit together with guests and our family discuss ideas and spend most of their time. This room is facing northeast direction.
  • This room should be slightly spacious and well-decorated. Here the furniture should be arranged in a rectangular or square shape and placed in the west direction.

4. Vastu Design For Bedroom

  • A bedroom should be built in the southwest corner of the house. Use mood lighting in the bedroom. This room should be square or rectangular according to Vastu for home.
  • If the bed is placed to sleep with the head facing east and west, it will bring good health and peace. Gives energy. Don’t place the mirror and TV in front of the bed. A neutral color should be used in this room.

5. Vastu Design For The Study Area

  • According to Vastu for home study room should be placed in a southwest or northwest direction in a good quiet place. This area helps to create concentration and focus.
  • It is better to set this room near the pooja room. Good murals should be painted in the study room.

6. Vastu Design For Kitchen

  • According to Vastu for home, the kitchen should be placed in the southeast direction of the house. The kitchen represents food, so it provides nourishment and protection against diseases. It has the element of nature, Agni.
  • The stove in this room should be placed facing the east direction. As water and fire are opposite, use them on separate floors. should be set up. This can avoid accidents. The kitchen should be built away from the bedroom.