NFBD's 1st Major Penetration Beyond Chennai Limits - Radiance Varam Villupuram Project

NFBD's first major penetration beyond Chennai limits - Radiance Varam Villupuram- Namma Family Builder

The Details Of Radiance Varam Villupuram Property

  The Radiance Varam Villupuram is of 8.9-acre land at Arasur Junction. It lies on the National Highway NH 45 from Chennai towards Trichy. 

  • There are a total of 209 plots varying in size from 530 Sq.ft to 2420 Sq.ft.
  • The land users can build a detached house, retirement home, and farmhouse as per their choice.
  • 100% DTCP Approved & RERA Approved Plots (with 100% crystal clear legal documents).
  • The thar roads enhance the easy accessibility within the layout compound. (i.e., well planned and laid down properly ).
  • Properly placed Solar powered streetlights at regular intervals.
  • Separate Children’s play areas are designed (i.e., OSR).
  • A separate area is provided for Transformers and Overhead Water Tank installation.
  • A strong compound wall for the total area with a strong gate at the entrance of  Radiance Varam Villupuram.

Development Of NFBD

  • Standard and salaried people are always content with what they have for a prosperous life within their limitations. But business people are always like kings and have an appetite for more and more.
  • The level of desire may be to be number one in the industry and reach an ultimate that nobody can stand near them. They always look for every possibility for business growth and expansion. 
  • It is always required to maintain their base level to build up their future in a magnificent way. In a similar way, NFBD Pvt limited keeps the fire to extend its areas of concentration in a major expansive way. It reached unbelievable phenomenal growth within a short duration.
  • Now, NFBD Pvt Limited aims for massive penetration in all possible directions. It wants to make its presence and brand awareness in a more planned way. NFBD Pvt Limited wants to become the number one real estate investor by constantly forecasting and staying a step ahead of the market.

NFBD Pvt Limited considered essential factors for the selection of The Radiance Varam Villupuram( The Importance of the Area - Growth Of The Property )

NFBD's first major penetration beyond Chennai limits - Radiance Varam Villupuram- Namma Family Builder
  • Always property buying requires careful proper planning. The essential factors are to be given more importance to make an effective investment. Considering the right time as well as whether the plots are in a developing area or well-developed area. It gives an advantage of the cost factor. 
  • NFBD Pvt Limited carefully studied proper provisions to get electricity, metro water, and for drainage disposal in this area.
  • Gained the confidence that this is a developing area and will fetch the buyer an excellent profit in the future. (i.e., the properties which are selling much below the market value and which will get much above the market value in the future.)
  • Clearly analyzed the difference in the square feet rates of the plots in the same area for the buyers’ advantage. Properly checked the location has a large impact on the resale value of the property. ( i.e., There are always possibilities for the difference in the square feet rates of the plots in the same area.)
  • Considered the neighborhood for safety purposes and to be free from nuisances for the buyers. The investment should bring peace of mind and a sense of security to the buyers.
  • Properly check the accessibility to educational institutions,  health institutions, offices, and other important places. The close and easily accessible transport facilities and all connectivity options. (i.e., stations, bus stops, and express highways)
  • Confirmed the steady growth of the area. ( i.e., Worth for investment/worthiness of the investment).
  • The security of documents, proper legal advice, and verification of related ( relevant )  information pertaining to the property were done.
  • Particularly the following information ( documents ) was thoroughly checked.
  1. Title documents of the property
  2. Nature of titles like leasehold, freehold, or development right
  3. Power of Attorney
  4. Patta Certificate
  5. Title free from Encumbrance
  • The location is carefully studied for essential amenities, parking facility, children’s play area, and upcoming amenity revolve around.
  • So, the NFBD Pvt Limited ( i.e., The real estate agent )  guidance and care is a must for the buyers.

The Real Need Of NFBD Pvt Limited

NFBD's first major penetration beyond Chennai limits - Radiance Varam Villupuram- Namma Family Builder

   They give us an insight into the area’s price trend. knowledge of the price trends helps you to determine the worth of the property and predict the returns on investment in the future.

  • They help people to narrow down their search and also figure out the size and specifications the people require. The people can optimize their search. ( i.e., indicate the plot cost which is within the affordable Budget range/Realistic price range ).
  • Guiding the site visit and closing with you to make sure that everything is in order with your sale.
  • They arrange for EMI loans that do not impact the regular lifestyle.

  The needy people give more importance to the essential factors. It is mainly to make a compelling investment. Consulting a real estate agent is very essential.

Radiance Varam Villupuram - Excellent facilities

Modern Hi-Tech Hospitals

  • Apollo Hospital IC – 15.2 K.m. away.
  • Muthaiya Hospital – 17.5 K.m away.

Well Recognised Schools And Colleges

  • Gandhi Memorial HSC School – 6.6 K.m. away.
  • Bonne Nehru HSC School – 7.4 K.m.
  • St.John’s Nursery & Primary School – 4.5 K.m.
  • J S Central School – 10.4 K.m. away.
  • V.R.S College of Engg & Technology – 2.3 K.m.
  • Dhanam Community College Arasur – 1.6 K.m.

Nearby Holy Spiritual Places

  • Sri Muthumariamman temple – 1.4 K.m. away.
  • Seventh-Day Adventist Church – 2.1 K.m. away.
  • Fathima Madha Church – 3.3 K.m. away.
  • Palaniyandhi Temple – 4.2 K.m. away.
  • Siva Temple – 5.5 K.m. away.

Nearby Railway Station

This Radiance Varam Villupuram is located at a distance of 13.4 km from Kandambakkam Railway Station.

Inspection For Satisfication

  • Always a site visit inspection before buying will help to better understand and appreciate the advantages. watching prices over time could help you gain an advantage from the location.
  • This Radiance Varam Villupuram booking journey has already started well. Yes, the good start has begun and it will continue.

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