What are the 15 Best Normal House Front Elevation Designs In Tamilnadu

What are the 15 Best Normal House Front Elevation Designs In Tamilnadu

Most Important Things For Normal House Front Elevation Designs

  • Many people believe that a large budget, lovely materials, or a large space make a home appealing. 
  • However, we will debunk this myth for you. You can also build a perfect and beautiful house for a reasonable price. 
  • The normal house front elevation designs  of a building are crucial in creating a beautiful home.
  • Ordinary  Normal house front elevation designs improve the house’s aesthetic appeal as well as its commercial value.
  •  A Tamil Nadu house’s front design necessitates meticulous planning. 
  • You must consider location and climate when creating normal house front elevation designs.
  • The typical normal house front elevation designs are well-designed to provide ample sunlight. 
  • It also regulates the temperature of the building while using less energy. 
  • Here are a few of the most popular elevations.

Elevation Design Meaning

  • Elevation design is one of the earliest drawings drawn at the beginning of a project process. In normal human terms, the building height is a visual representation of your upcoming home or remodeling project. 
  • This includes the materials to be used, the location and layout of the rooms and the home decor.

What is an Elevation in Terms of Architecture?

  • The term ‘elevation’ in the construction industry refers to an orthographic projection of a building’s exterior (or sometimes interior) faces, which is a two-dimensional drawing of the building.

Types of Elevation

  • Heights show how your property looks from different angles. 
  • There are many patterns of height in relation to these precise angles.

Some examples are 

  • Front elevations
  • Side elevations
  • Rear elevations
  • Split elevations 

Front Elevations

  • The front elevation refers to how the front exterior of your house looks if you’re standing in the middle of your front yard or on the sidewalk.

Side Elevations

  • Side heights are useful for displaying windows and other home features, and they also show the depth of the house. 
  • The side view of the front and back porches allows homeowners and contractors to visualize the size of the porch relative to the home. 
  • Roof pitch is also indicated at lateral heights

Rear Elevations

  • The elevation opposite the principal elevation is known as the’rear elevation.’
  • The principal and rear elevations are connected by side elevations.
Rear Elevations - namma family builder

Split Elevations

  • Two or three short sets of stairs lead to the split level, which has three (tri-level) or four (quad) levels.
  • The entrance is located between two floors on the middle floor.
  • The front door usually opens directly into the formal living room, which is usually partially above ground level.
Split Elevations - namma family Builder

Best Normal House Front Elevation Designs

  • To increase the value of a building, you must plan and construct all four sides. 
  • As a result, the house front design in Indian style necessitates careful consideration.
  • Furthermore, the most important question to ask is which style you prefer. 
  • Are you a cultural vulture who prefers vernacular designs or a modern architectural aficionado who wants a contemporary feel in his home? 
  • Indian normal house front elevation designs will inspire you regardless of your personal style. 
  • You’ll also be able to assist in the selection of appropriate elements for your front-end designs.

1. Single-Floor Normal House Front Elevation Designs:

  • The normal house front elevation designs is one of the elevation designs for any home. 
  • From the entry level, this normal house front elevation designs gives you a perfect view of your home, including the main gate, windows, entrance, and so on. 
  • The front view does not show sidewalls unless they are strategically built or protruding from your home. 
  • The building’s 3D elevations add to its elegance.
Single-Floor Normal House Front Elevation Designs:

   (27’ X 45’ East Facing )

2. Double Floor Normal House Front Elevation Designs

  • The normal house front elevation designs of a double-story building is similar to that of a single-story house, except for the addition of a second floor. 
  • This is another example of a normal house front elevation designs that uniquely and perfectly display all of the protruding features of this double-story building. 
  • The small parking space in front of the house is a first-floor balcony with fashionable wall patterns.
Double Floor Normal House Front elevation designs

(20′ X 60′ South Facing)

3. Three-Story Building Elevation Designs

  • In many locations, three-story buildings are common. 
  • These homes are built by people who don’t want to live in an apartment but still want to incorporate some elements. 
  • This front view of a three-story building elevation design gives you a clear picture of the structure. 
  • Despite the fact that this is the final version, you can always make changes to suit your needs.
Three-story building elevation designs

(42’ x 65’ South Facing)

4. 3D Elevation Design

  • If you want to make an elevation of your line properties, 3d elevation is a good option. 
  • The connection between the building model and the elevation is clear. You can always update the details reflected in the design plans as needed because the elevation is a preparation done before starting the construction.

(42’ x 20’  South Facing)

5. Elevation of the House Compound Walls

  • A compound wall is a necessary addition to any home that protects the structure while also adding beauty to the view of onlookers.
  •  A single flat section covers the entire space, making it look beautiful and appealing. 
  • You can decide on the height of the compound wall based on your requirements. 
  • The front view of the terrace and the entrance are also visible.
Elevation of the House Compound Walls

(42’ x 60’ North Facing)

6. Bungalow Elevation

  • A bungalow is typically a single story or a partial second story with a cottage style. 
  • This bungalow’s lovely front elevation features a flat roof with a protruding chimney-like structure. 
  • You can see all of the designs in their original state, giving you a better idea of what you’re getting. 
  • Parts of the buildings appear to be embedded in the blocks, giving the design a unique look.
Bungalow Elevation​

(60’ x 99’ 6’ East Facing)

7. Duplex House Elevation

  • This is a simple house design that is becoming more popular by the day. 
  • The thoughtful and straightforward designs of this building, combined with the neutral grey color, work well together, tying all of the elements together beautifully.
  •  In front of the house, there is a simple house design parking space that can be adjusted to suit your needs.

(30’ x 60’  East Facing)

8. Independent House Elevation

  • Independent houses are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the suburbs. 
  • However, just because you live in the suburbs doesn’t mean you can’t go all out with your home’s design and architectural representations. 
  • It’s also a design that’s best for those who want a stylish look without putting too much effort into it.

(40’ x 60’ North Facing)

9. Ultra-Modern House Elevation

  • Many people prefer glass normal house front elevation designs when they want to give their home a stylish and rich appearance. 
  • This design is not only an ultra-modern house design but it’s also made more appealing by the addition of attractive lighting. 
  • This modern single-floor house design combines the quotient of style with natural elements, elegantly tying them all together. 
  • Another attractive feature is the addition of woof in the frontal area.
Ultra-Modern House Elevation ​

(30’ x 41’  West Facing)

10. Apartment Elevation Design

  • Because of all the benefits it provides, apartment culture is rapidly spreading in both urban and rural areas. 
  • This is one of the most effective normal house front elevation designs for getting a sense of how your apartment will look. 
  • Although it is not always the case, some apartment buildings have commercial shopping areas on the ground floor, further elevating the space. 
  • Every floor has a similar design but is still attractive
Apartment Elevation Design

(30’ x 41’ West Facing)

11. Villa Elevation Design

  • For many people, owning a villa is a dream come true, but it requires a significant financial investment. 
  • Having a perfect elevation plan in place gives you a good idea of what you’re up against before you make a final decision. 
  • This lovely house elevation combines the front and side views of your home. 
  • You can enjoy a beautiful view of your parking spot, patio, and garden area.
Villa Elevation Design

(30’ x 60’ Nort Facing)

12. Contemporary Elevation Designs:

  • This is one of the best and most recent low-cost normal house front elevation designs you can choose if you want to blend modern and contemporary styles into the look of your home. 
  • The addition of a terrace, despite the fact that there is only one floor for residential purposes, is the icing on the cake. You can see the building from both the side and the front, which gives you a good idea of how it will look.
12. Contemporary Elevation Designs:

(40’x60′ North Facing)

13. Wooden Front Elevation:

  • This is another front house elevation design best suited for people who want to incorporate wood into their home’s exteriors.
  •  This two-story structure has a flat roof and wooden doors and decorations. 
  • An added benefit is the addition of a glass railing. On each floor, you can change the materials used according to your preferences

(30 ‘x 40’ North Facing)

14. Small House Elevation Designs:

  • Many people dream of owning a home, regardless of its size. 
  • You don’t have to go in blind, especially if you’re building a small house, because we have modern house design techniques at our disposal. 
  • With its architectural elements and stylish finish, this lovely elevation of a small house can be a perfect example of a house’s beauty.
Small House Elevation Designs

(20” x 60” West Facing)

15. Shops and Office Elevation Design

  • The elevation of your office design differs from that of a residential building because it emphasizes a classy and attractive feel rather than a homey one. 
  • Not only does the rustic and refined design inspire you to go to work with renewed vigor.
  •  In such areas, there is always a designated parking space for employees.
OFFICE Elevation

Factors that Influence the Design of a Standard House Front Elevation

  • Many factors can have an impact on how your elevation appears. We’ve brought up a few important and common points for your consideration.

Plot size

  • Normal house front elevation designs may be influenced by plot size and any regulatory setback considerations. 
  • More experimentation is possible with larger plots. 
  • However, with smaller plots, an experiment can be tricky, and with a little more effort, you can fake it.

Floor layout

  • One of the most important factors that influences the appearance of your front design is the floor plan. 
  • You can choose any window frame size if your front-facing floor plan includes communal areas such as a living room and lounges.
  • However, privacy and structural considerations must be taken into account.

Avoid putting a toilet in the front of your house because it may affect the architecture.


Geographical Location

  • The design of a building’s front elevation can be influenced by its location.
  •  If you live in a cold climate with a lot of rain, you may not be able to choose a flat roof due to the obvious need for adequate water drainage. 
  • If you’re planning to build a home in an earthquake-prone or flood-prone area, different window sizes and materials may be required.


  • Every one of us wishes to live in a lovely home. 
  • The elevation drawings show you what to expect both inside and outside your home.
  •  Do your homework before meeting with your architect by looking at some beautiful normal house front elevation designs from the front, side, back, and split, which will help you make an informed decision. 
  • Please let us know how this article has benefited you!


1. What type of glass used for restaurants front elevations?

  • Float Glass

    • The application of float glass includes shop fronts, public places, etc.

2. What type of mirrors are used for fielding elevation?

  • Convex mirror

    A convex mirror is used to view a full-length tall building.

3. Kerala style house elevation

double floor Kerala house design

4. What is the cost of the front elevation of the house per sq ft?

  • Whereas a premium elevation like this would cost approximately Rs. 10,00,000/-. Structural design and architectural charges would be somewhere about Rs. 20/- per sq.

5. House elevation color ideas

  • Brown Color Combination.
  • Green color? No need to worry.
  • Charming Dark Brown.
  • Light Brown with Other Color Accents.
  • Light Blue and Grey.
  • White with Light Blue Accents.
  • Yellow and Grey.
  • Easy Brown and White.

6. Shop front elevation designs for single floor

Shop Designs - Namma Family Builder

7. Why is front elevation important?

  • It's the first impression your home gives. Your front elevation should enhance the street appeal, as a well-designed front elevation can increase the property value. 
  • Your luxury home design comprises of two important metrics – a floor plan and the front elevation.

8. Which material is best for house front elevation design?

  • For the front elevation, metals such as treated steel, aluminium, zinc, copper, brass, and corten steel are highly recommended

9. Village Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Village House Design - namma family builder

(60’ x 99’ 6’ East Facing)

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